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2013 Post season stories

General reports and matches

Players: One on One

Open LFB 2012

LFB team roster information

2013 Post Season

2013 LFB Champions Bourges Basket
2013 Challenge Round Winner Tarbes

27 April 2013: Bourges Basket are champions of France for the 12th time

26 April 2013: Challenge round trophy goes to Tarbes

17 April 2013: Basket Landes end Nantes-Rezé's reign as Challenge Round winners

13 April 2013: Tarbes is in the Challenge Round final

13 April 2013: Montpellier to meet Bourges in LFB Championship final

General report and matches

Abby Bishop, Diandra Tchatchouang, Clémentine Samson, Laina Badiane , Isabelle Strunc, Fatou Dieng, Pauline Lo, Iva Ciglar, Elodie Bertal, Angie Bjorklund, Héléna Ciak

07 April 2013: Regular season ends in disappointment for Tarbes

06 April 2013: Nwal-Endéné Miyem is March player of the month

05 April 2013: Romane Bernies picks up young player accolade

30 March 2013: Lattes  Montpellier clinch regular season title

21 March 2013: Round 23: Hainaut Basket are the first team to be relegated

16 March 2013: Round 23: Toulouse can finally stop worrying about relegation

07 March 2013: Round 22: Three games streamed live on Women's Day

07 March 2013: Round 20: Arras are losing more ground

05 March 2013: Playing basketball the Australian way: Cayla Francis February player of the month

04 March 2013: Emma Meesseman is wbbif youn player of the month again

03 March 2013: Round 21: Aix-en-Provence's limited roster is not always a handicap

01 March 2013: Round 21: Nantes-Rezé's first domestic victory of 2013

24 February 2013: Round 20: Lyon BF sweep Basket Landes

24 February 2013: Round 20: Important wins for Villeneuve d'Ascq & Charleville-Mézières

15 February 2013: What happened to Lauren Neaves ?

14 February 2013: Round 14 finally over: with Bourges Basket beating Perpignan Basket

10 February 2013: Hainaut Basket keep LFB ambition alive by beating Arras

10 February 2013: Precious wins for Basket Landes and Tarbes (round 19)

5 February 2013:  Adja Konteh is the face for young player of the month for January

5 February 2013: Céline Dumerc, well deserved player of the month for January

3 February 2013: Dumerc and Leedham lead Bourges over Toulouse

3 February 2013: Home teams come up strong in round 18

29 January 2013: Basketball coach: Romuald Yernaux is looking for more in 2013

20 January 2013: Chalysa Shegog makes immediate impact for Toulouse

20 January 2013: Arras are back in the competition with another win (round 17)

13 January 2013: Hainaut Basket win important match -round 16)

12 January 2013: Sarah Michel's all-round skills to help Nantes-Rezé to edge out Basket Landes (round 16)

08 January 2013: Arras Basket Féminin have ended their association with Thibaut Petit

06 January 2013: Young guns shine in the LFB during round 15

04 January 2013: Bintou Diémé, the December player of the month

03 January 2013: Olivia Epoupa is young player of the month for December

20 December 2012: Big bang for Hainaut Basket while Villeneuve d'Ascq picked themselves up (round 14à

16 December 2012: Bourges' defeat opens up LFB play-off chase

16 December 2012: Arras win their third match this season (round 13)

09 December 2012: Union Hainaut and Arras still shaky after 12 rounds of games

09 December 2012: Bourges and Charleville edge out their opponents to win

07 December 2012: Lyon BF win LFB TV game of the week against Toulouse

04 December 2012: Edwige Lawson-Wade, the November player of the month

04 December 2012: Belgium international Meesseman is young player for November

02 December 2012: Hainaut Basket continue to struggle

02 December 2012: Close defeats for all the hosts

26 November 2012: Toulouse Métropole join hunting pack

25 November 2012: 2 teams in second place chasing Montpellier

18 November 2012: Round 9: First loss for Montpellier, Mims and Dabo injured

11 November 2012: No luck on Saturday night for the hosts

07 November 2012: La Gégé mania - Géraldine Robert October player of the month

05 November 2012: After round 7 three teams are in trouble

28 0ctober 2012: Montpellier lead the LFB in style but Nantes-Rezé are chasing hard

28 0ctober 2012: Lyon BF beat Bourges while Perpignan see off Aix-en-Provence

26 0ctober 2012: Basket Landes win on the road against Villeneuve d'Ascq

21 0ctober 2012: Lattes Montpellier are alone at the top

14 0ctober 2012: Nantes-Rezé are joint leaders after 4 rounds

13 0ctober 2012: Lattes Monpellier cruise past villeneuve d'Assq

10 0ctober 2012: Touty Gandega to miss 2012-2013 season with ACL injury

09 October 2012: Belgium Basketball looking for new glory in 2012-13

08 October 2012: Arras have asked to replay the match against Bourges Basket

06 October 2012: Good LFB weekend for Montpellier, Lyon, Mondeville and Villeneuve d'Asq

06 October 2012: Bourges Basket and Nantes-Rezé make it 3 out of 3

30 September 2012: Gaëlle Skrela shines, elsewhere Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence win

Players: One on One

Ekaterina Dimitrova
Sheana Mosch
Valériane Ayayi
Sarah Ousfar
Sara Chevaugeon
Romane Bernies

28 January 2013: Ekaterina Dimitrova's passion for basketball

28 January 2013: Playing basketball is Sheana Mosch's job

10 November 2012: Valériane Ayayi as the most impressive young player for October

09 0ctober 2012: Sarah Ousfar has come a long way since playing for Anglet Côte Basque Basket

04 0ctober 2012: Sara Chevaugeon, the clutch shooter with a sweet smile

05 September 2012: Romane Bernies' special playing basketball moments this summer

03 September 2012: Playing basketball and Art are the passions of Agathe Degorces

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Open LFB 2012

27 September 2012: Open LFB - What happened during the 2012 edition

23 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: Charleville-Mézières at last win in Paris

23 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: Montpellier start season with a win

23 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: K. B. Sharp and Mondeville explode in Paris

22 September 2012: Open LFB: no surprise in the encounter Bourges versus Perpignan

22 September 2012: Open LFB : Basket Landes see off Tarbes in derby game

22 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: Lyon BF quickly out of the starting blocks

22 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: Nantes-Rezé open their account with a victory

19 September 2012: Open LFB 2012: 8th edition of celebrating women's basketball

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LFB team roster information

19 January 2013: Johannah Leedham, from Ellesmere Port to Bourges Basket

29 December 2012: Tarbes signs Kristen McCarthy

05 0ctober 2012: Radoslava Bachvarova joins Arras

02 October 2012: Let's talk about Toulouse basketball for 2012-13

02 October 2012: What else can we expect from Perpignan Basket in 2012_13

02 October 2012: Lyon are given a second chance thanks to Challes-les-Eaux

01 October 2012: Aix-en-Provence ready for a construction job by Bruno Blier

01 October 2012: Arras Basket Féminin have EuroLeague Women on their mind

01 October 2012: Entente Sportive Basket Villeneuve d'Ascq Lille Métropole version 2012-13
29 September 2012: Flammes Carolo Basket - Version 2012-2013

29 September 2012: Tarbes Basket turn the page and start again in 2012-2013

28 September 2012: Hainaut Basket want more in 2012-2013 season

22 September 2012: Playing basketball in Nantes-Rezé is different in 2012-13

21 September 2012: Basket Landes have a new team for the 2012-13 season

20 September 2012: USO Mondeville 2012: Can they improve on last year's result?

19 September 2012: Lattes Montpellier 2012 - It is time for another trophy

19 September 2012: Bourges Basket 2012: Defending champions with EuroLeague Women ambitions

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