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It is the second season of the existence of the Ligue Féminine 2, the LF2. This edition only 14 teams battle it out for promotion to the LFB. At the same time only 2 teams instead of 4 from face relegation to the third division of women's basketball in France.

The regular season tips off on Saturday, 17 September 2011 and comes to an end on Saturday, 28 April 2012.

The post season between the top four teams, known as the LF2 final four, is hosted by the winner of the regular season during the weekend of the 19 - 20 May 2012.

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C'est la deuxième saison de la Ligue Féminine 2, la LF2. Il y a quelques changements: On retrouve dans cet édition seulement 14 formations au lieu de 16 et que 2 au lieu de 4 équipes sont reléguées en Nationale féminine 1.

La saison régulière débute samedi, le 17 septembre 2011 et prend fin samedi, le 28 avril 2012.

Le playoff pour le titre "Champion de France LF2", connue en tant que LF2 final four, est disputé entre les quatre meilleures équipes de la saison régulière dont la première classée accueille la finale et aussi la première qui accède en élite.

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  • Ligue Féminine 2 Final 4

    17 May 2012: L2F coaches promote women's basketball - The Video

    13 May 2012 Perpignan beat Toulouse in overtime for gold, while Calais settle for bronze

    12 May 2012 Perpignan Basket pass first test in seeing off Voiron

    12 May 2012 Toulouse outfoxed COB Calais

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    2011-2012 final regular season standing - Ligue Féminine 2

    1 PERPIGNAN BASKET 2622448 
    5 US LAVEYRON DROME 26141240+1 point
    6 ROCHE VENDEE BC 2615939-3 points
    9 LEON TREGOR BASKET 29-1 26121236-4 points
    11 REIMS BASKET FEMININ 2691735 
    12 LIMOGES ABC EN LIMOUSIN 2691735+1 point
    13 AL APLEMONT LE HAVRE 2671933 
    14 CFBB - INSEP 2671933+1 point

    An explanation of why teams lost and gained points

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    LF2 General news and information

    18 May 2012: Matthieu Chauvet's 22 years in coaching basketball

    06 May 2012 2011-2012 LF2 regular season statistics

    29 April 2012 Dramatic end to the season: Joy for Voiron, tears in Limoges

    22 April 2012 Perpignan are regular season champions - Le Havre relegated

    17 April 2012 From L2F to WNBA - Astan Dabo 9th pick in 2012 WNBA draft

    14 April 2012 Difficult times for Le Havre, another defeat for Perpignan

    10 April 2012 CFBB having fun, Perpignan smashed

    06 April 2012 COB Calais book Final Four ticket

    18 March 2012 Perpignan are turning into a dream team - Toulouse qualify for Final Four

    04 March 2012 Perpignan Basket qualify for Final Four

    28 February 2012 Injuries and illness was the story of the week

    12 February 2012 Round 18: Headlines by numbers

    05 February 2012 Round 17: Good weekend for the leaders - Kayla Smith returns home

    03 February 2012 Points deduction for Roche Vendée & Léon Trégor

    23 January 2012 Round 16: Head Coaches make tough decisions

    15 January 2012 Round 15: Top 5 teams move further ahead to start the New year

    19 December 2011 Round 14: What can you do when Aïda Fall is on fire?

    12 December 2011 Round 13: Blow-out and high percentage shooting

    06 December 2011 Round 12: Perpignan are the new leaders

    28 November 2011 Round 11: The CFBB can win and watch out for Voiron

    20 November 2011 Perpignan beat COB Calais in L2F showdown

    14 November 2011 Are COB Calais ready for the challenge?

    06 November 2011 Toulouse Métrople: two games clear

    06 November 2011 Perpignan Basket, 8 weeks into the season

    31 October 2011 Round 7: Matthieu Chauvet, happy to win at last in Armentières

    24 October 2011 Round 6: Another high scoring week with leaders Armentières dropping first game

    17 October 2011 Pauline Lo & Elena Vishnyakova: Round 5 players of the week

    09 October 2011 Round 4 - AfroBasket Women players shine

    03 October 2011 Toulouse and Armentières unbeaten - Kayla Smith is player of the week

    30 September 2011 Success for Mia Fisher, disappointment for Jenny Fouasseau

    20 September 2011 Hillary Klimowicz opens new season in style for Limoges

    14 September 2011 SIG ready for LF2 - Mali work for AfroBasket

    08 September 2011 LF2 teams help Mali prepare for AfroBasket 2011 in Strasbourg

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    LF2 Roster information

    14 September 2011 Centre Fédéral de Basket Ball (CFBB) roster

    14 September 2011 COB Calais has a solid roster

    14 September 2011 The Toulouse Métropole Basket roller coaster ride

    13 September 2011 Roche Vendée start again with a new coach

    13 September 2011 Reims BF must start again

    12 September 2011 SO Armentières looking for stability

    12 September 2011 The dream team from Perpignan

    11 September 2011 A new cycle for Limoges ABC

    11 September 2011 Same procedure as every year at Illkirch-Graffenstaden

    11 September 2011 Léon Trégor Basket 29 replace Pleyber-Christ

    10 September 2011 Everything new for Etoile de Voiron

    10 September 2011 Dunkerque starting with a new team for 2011-2012

    09 September 2011 US Laveyron Drôme 2011-2012 roster

    09 September 2011 LF2 welcomes back AL Aplemont Le Havre for 2011-2012

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    Last updated: 18 May 2012

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