Ligue Basket: LF2 (L2/L2F)
Second division of women's basketball (2010-11)

The "Ligue Basket" structure for French women's basketball has been modified with the objective of making the second division more competitive.

Amel Bouderra celebrating promotion to the LFB (May 2010) ©

NF1 is the third division for women playing basketball in France in the national leagues and Ligue Féminine 2 (LF2 /L2/L2F) has become the new second division.

For 2010-2011 there are 16 teams. But from 2011-2012 the number of teams will be reduced to 14.

All the teams playing in this division must also have a basketball academy and a second senior team. However the rules for promotion remain the same.

The team that is first at the end of the regular seasons wins automatic promotion and will host the Championship final four.

The second spot will be awarded to the winner of the final four. If the winner of the regular season also wins the final four, then the finalist will be offered the second place.

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Regular Season standings

LF2 Basketball news

LF2 Regular Season standings

Club Points Played Won Lost
1 Union Lyon Basket Féminin 55 30 25 5
2 Roche Vendée BC 53 29 23 7
3 Cavigal Nice basket 06 52 30 22 8
4 Reims Basket Féminin 52 29 22 8
5 Sports Ouvriers Armentièrois 46 30 16 14
6 Perpignan Basket 46 30 16 14
7 Limoges ABC en Limousin 46 30 16 14
8 Illkirch-Graffenstaden 44 30 14 16
9 Pleyber-Christ BC 44 30 14 16
10 Etoile De Voiron 44 30 14 16
11 * Dunkerque Malo 43 30 14 16
12 AL Aplemont Le Havre 42 30 12 18
13 Rennes Avenir 41 30 11 19
14 Union Féminine Angers Basket 49 41 30 11 19
15 Elan Béarnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez 37 30 7 23
16 CFBB (INSEP) 33 30 3 27

* Dunkerque Malo had a point deducted due to exceeding imposed salary cap.

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"Ligue Basket" Féminine Basketball News from LF2/L2

Stéphanie Dubois  celebrating winning the LF2 title (May 2011) ©

22 May 2011 Cavigal Nice 06 are the 2011 LF2 Champions of France

22 May 2011 Reims beat LFB final four hosts (59-56)

21 May 2011 Cavigal Nice eliminate Roche Vendée (65-54)

08 May 2011 the 2010-2011 regular season has come to an end

08 May 2011 End of the road for the CFBB class of 93

01 May 2011 Week 29: Caroline Nestor turned the clock back

23 April 2011 Week 28: Mathieu Chauvet signs off at home with a win

10 April 2011 Week 27: Lyon are champions while Angers are relegated

03 April 2011 Week 26: No celebrations in Lyon

27 March 2011 Week 25: Lyon are beaten while Pau Lacq Orthez are relegated

22 March 2011 Week 24: Céline Schmitt-Sendner leads SIG to victory

06 March 2011 Week 23: Lyon one step closer to the LFB

27 February 2011 Week 22: Perfect shoots in playing basketball is something we all dream about

21 February 2011: Week 21: Order restored at the top, confusion at the bottom

13 February 2011: Week 20: Oh La La La

06 February 2011: Week 19: No problems for the leaders

23 January 2011: Week 18: Roche Vendée's defeat good for Lyon BF

16 January 2011: Week 17: Tunics and three-point shooting by Lyon BF

10 January 2011: Week 16: Aurélie Lopez looking forward to more wins in 2011

03 January 2011: Mia Fisher will play in LF2 for SO Armentières

19 December 2010: Lyon are the champions of the first phase

12 December 2010: Playing basketball the Nice way in LF2

05 December 2010: Top three move further ahead

28 November 2010: Good weekend for the leaders in LF2

21 November 2010: Limoges end winning streak of Lyon

14 November 2010: Illkirch-Graffenstaden playing basketball with passion are ready for the new era

08 November 2010: Roche Vendée playing basketball towards the elite

01 November 2010: Leaders playing basketball at another level - Pleyber-Christ have ambitions

25 October 2010: Lyon BF's new uniform for the rest of the season

10 October 2010: Lyon and Reims continue to dominate the second division

26 September 2010: Lyon BF are the team of the month

18 September 2010: Mariame Dia comes off the bench to seal overtime win for Dunkerque

12 September 2010: Will the Czech Republic miss Zuzana Gujaraidze?

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Date created: 06 November 2010
Last Update: 23 May 2011

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