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2010 Nationale Féminine 1 Champions - Charleville-Mézières (FCBAA)

NF1 basketball, come to an end in 2010, we brought you news from the clubs and women playing basketball in the top amateur basketball league in France, also known as Nationale Féminine 1.

NF1 has been replaced for the season 2010-2011 with Ligue Féminine 2 (LF2).

There are no changes to the 2007-2008 competition structure.

Unlike the LFB, NF1 is administered by the French Basketball Federation (FFBB). The only time clubs from the LFB and NF1 will play against each other in the season is during the French Cup (Coupe de France).

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  • NF1 Basketball Final Four

    23 May 2010: Charleville-Mézières become NF1 champions by beating Union Hainaut Basket

    23 May 2010: Roche Vendée 69-57 Lyon BF (match for third place)

    23 May 2010: Charleville-Mézières 69-67 Lyon BF

    23 May 2010: Union Hainaut Basket 74-72 Roche Vendée

    23 May 2010: Beikes, Kamba et Lopp menant l’UHB en finale

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    NF1 General Basketball News

    06 April 2010: Player of the year awards

    09 January 2010: Philippe Sauret back in charge at Reims

    20 October 2009: Luc Pfister, the president from Illkirch-Graffenstaden, speaks about his club

    12 September 2009: Season Preview and Roster: Union Lyon Basket Féminin, Charnay-Macon, CSP Rezé and Basket Val-de-Loire Union 37

    12 September 2009: Season Preview and Roster: Voiron, US Laveyron, Pleyber-Christ and CFBB

    12 September 2009: Season Preview and Roster: La Roche-sur-Yon, Nice BC 06, Dunkerque and Avenir de Rennes

    12 September 2009: Season Preview and Roster: Union Hainaut, Reims Basket Féminin, Illkirch-Graffenstaden and Charleville-Mézières

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    Nationale Féminine 1 weekly reports

    09 May 2010: The final Nationale Féminine 1 regular season comes to an end

    02 May 2010: Lyon BF and Roche Vendée qualify for the final four

    25 April 2010: Charleville-Mézières win regular season title

    16 April 2010: Charleville-Mézières are getting closer to leaving NF1

    10 April 2010: Union Hainaut Basket qualify for championship final four

    4 April 2010: Tour relegated, Lyon move into top 4

    27 March 2010: NF1 is turning upside down

    21 March 2010: Tours' negative series is over

    14 March 2010: CFBB surprise Pleyber-Christ

    06 March 2010: Illkirch-Graffenstaden drop out of the top 4

    20 February 2010: Charleville-Mézières end perfect record of Philippe Sauret

    15 February 2010: Will Avenir de Rennes' youth programme take them back to the top?

    08 February 2010: Roche Vendée's final four ambitions start to take shape

    01 February 2010: Who is Naignouma Coulibaly?

    18 January 2010: Tours Val de Loire Basket (TVL 37) are having a bad time

    10 January 2010: Surprises to start the new year

    24 December 2009: Charleville-Mézières win the first phase

    13 December 2009: Naignouma Coulibaly is enjoying life in NF1

    06 December 2009: Round 13 reveals who is who in NF1

    29 November 2009: Dunkerque Malo join Charleville Mézières on top of the table

    24 November 2009: Charleville Mézières setting the pace

    15 November 2009: Who are the leaders in NF1?

    08 November 2009: Excitement all round with leaders having a tough time

    01 November 2009: Reims have difficulties in NF1

    25 October 2009: The CFBB record first victory of the season

    18 October 2009: Dunkerque alone at the top after the SIG beat UHB-SA

    11 October 2009: Union Hainaut scrap past Charleville. Bad weekend for clubs with players at AfroBasket

    05 October 2009: Lyon's 40-game winning streak comes to an end

    21 September 2009: Nationale Féminine 1 basketball patterns are already in place

    14 September 2009: Nationale Féminine 1 basketball is back without any fireworks

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    Nationale Féminine 1 match reports

    16 April 2010: Charleville-Mézières bat Nice BC 06 (French report)

    05 December 2009: Union Hainaut Basket-Saint Amand 67-58 CFBB

    06 November 2009: CFBB 59-76 Reims

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