Mid-week NF1 basketball for the CFBB

CFBB Logo © CFBBLife is not easy for the young women playing NF1 basketball for the CFBB. While their age mates have a mid-term school break, they had to prepare for a re-scheduled match against Reims Basket Féminin.

The CFBB started the match well and won the early exchange to lead (12-10) after five minutes.

With the CFBB still leading (13-11), Fabrice Lefrançois, the coach of Reims, made some tactical changes. His team stepped on the accelerator to finish the first quarter in front (23-16).

Manon Sinico was the catalyst that kept Reims on track. The CFBB did not help their cause during the second period with a high number of turnovers.

The new Reims Mascot © Reims Basket FémininReims took full advantage and went into the interval leading (41-27).

Zuzanna Gujaraidze (11 points) gave the crowd a reminder of her skills with a couple of her trademark moves as Reims ended the game as a contest by the end of the third period (64-46).

The CFBB had the better of the final period but were never in a position to challenge Reims despite the efforts of Manon Morel from beyond the arc.

For Reims they still have a lot of things to work on. Yet the (76-59) victory puts them back in the championship race. Floriane Herrscher led the scoring with 21 points.

Sinico added 11 points while Fatou Deng scored 6 points and dished out 5 assists.

For the CFBB Sabrine Bouzenna was given a tough time but still scored 13 points, handed out 4 assists and made 3 steals. She was credited with 7 turnovers.

Jodie Cornelie and Christelle Diallo scored 12 points each.

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Reims Basket Féminin

Date created: 06 November 2009

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