NF1 Basketball news review week 6
The SIG required overtime to beat UHB-SA

Corinne Benintendi © womenbasketball-in-france.comWinning is no more basketball news for Illkirch-Graffenstaden, however it is not often that a winning team does not celebrate their victory.

But this was the case in the match between Union Hainaut Basket Saint Amand and Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

The game was spoilt by the whistle happy officials who blew a total of 32 fouls on the visitors from UHB-SA and 18 fouls against the hosts.

However for Corinne Benintendi (left), the reason for defeat was poor defending on the 3-point shooters from the SIG and that the SIG wanted the victory more.

Forgetting the officiating, the game was a ding-dong affair for the first 40 minutes with the lead changing no less than 10 times.

The final quarter was an anti-climax with the SIG holding on to win and hand UHB-SA their first defeat of the season (75-65).

Sometime NF1 basketball resembles chess
UHB-SA lost first game of the season

The first quarter was a tactical battle as neither team was able to get a run going with the guests staying ahead (17-16).

Both sides continued to play cat and mouse all through the second period with the guests keeping the lead throughout to head to the locker room with a 3-point lead (31-28).

The game became more physical during the third period and the players were a little edgy.

Céline Schmitt-Sendner © SIG AmateurThe SIG tied the game with a three-point play by Céline Schmitt-Sendner, left in picture (2+1) (35-35). However UHB-SA were back in front through Clémence Beikes.

The SIG were unable to find a way past the defense and started shooting without success from down-town to the annoyance of their coach.

Charline Servage finally hit the target from beyond the arc to bring the hosts to within 1 point of UHB.

Servage then went for glory with another attempt from beyond the arc. However she missed and a few seconds later she was called for an intentional foul on Beikes.

Philippe Breitenbucher, the head coach from the SIG, had little choice but to take Servage off to cool down.

Beikes scored the resulting free-throws which was followed by 2 points from Laëtitia Kamba a as UHB-SA were once again 5 points clear.

Lina Brazdeïkyte © SIG AmateurLina Brazdeïkyte (right) fired in a trey for the hosts and Darline N’Soki levelled the score once more. Yet once again Beikes was left free and she scored for UHB-SA to lead (45-43) going into the last quarter.

UHB-SA quickly stretched the lead to 7 points. Despite all the efforts of the hosts, Union's lead remained at 7 points with 5:20 to play.

Breitenbucher called for a time-out and basically asked them to concentrate and start playing basketball. Brazdeïkyte responded with a trey on the first attack which quickly followed with 2 more points..

Corinne Benintendi decided to use a time-out to calm things down after Noémie Lemarie fouled out. She also revised the defensive systems.

However her players failed in marking Schmitt-Sendner who said thank you very much with a three-pointer to tie the game once more (57-57).

Both teams had the chance to finish the game in regulation time but the ball would not drop.

Clémence Beikes © womenbasketball-in-france.comN'soki managed to get a foul on Beikes(left). She was awarded a couple of free-throws and scored and the SIG had the lead.

The Challes coach called a time-out with just under 16 seconds left to play and came up with a play to try and save game.

Kamba scored to tie the game (59-59) with 8 seconds left to play. The SIG appeared to be happy to take the game into overtime

The hosts took the lead for good at the start of overtime and went 5 points clear after a three-pointer from Aline Fischbach with just under four minutes to play.

UHB-SA physical approach in the previous quarters came to haunt them as four players fouled out during the last three minute.

So they finished the game with just four players on the court while the SIG scored 11-from-12 points from the free-throw line to win (75-65).

Brazdeïkyte led the scoring with 17 points. N'soki and Schmitt-Sendner scored 12 points each while Savage finished on 11 points.

For UHB-SA Beikes scored 18 points, Kamba 14 and Karolina Piotrkiewicz 11 points.

NF1 basketball news Box Score

What happened in the rest of NF1 basketball news

Marianne Dia (16 rebounds) and Benedicte Fombonne both had 18 points while Katalin Kurtosi added 16 points for Dunkerque in their victory (69-58) against Val de Loire (Tour). With this win Dunkerque are top of the table and the only team with a perfect record after six games.

Charleville-Mézières put an end to the derby suspense with a (25-6) opening quarter against Reims. Then they paced themselves to victory (69-47).

US Laveyron struggled before pulling away in the final quarter against Roche Vendée to win (65-57).

Nice BC 06 have won their first game of the season with a comfortable victory against Pleyber-Christ (91-60). Rennes also had a comfortable win (90-65) against Voiron.

The CFBB played their heart out and trailed by 2 points going into the final quarter. Yet they ended up losing (62-71) to CSO Rezé. The CFBB are the only club in the league without a victory.

The basketball news from Afrobasket 2009:
Senegal beat Mali in the final (76-57) while Angola won the bronze medal

Djéné Diawara who players for Charleville-Mézières was the best rebounder while Fatou Dieng who plays for Reims and Nagnouma Coulibaly from Pleyber-Christ were named in the all tournament team.

All the results from the sixth round of games in 2009-2010 for the Nationale Féminine 1 are listed below:

US Laveyron 65-57 Roche Vendée
CFBB 62-71 CSP Rezé
Rennes 90-65 Voiron
Charleville-Mézières 69-47 Reims
Illkirch-Graffenstaden 75-65 Union Hainaut Saint Amand
Charnay-lès-Mâcon 59-85 Lyon
Dunkerque 69-58 Tours
Nice BC 06 91-60 Pleyber-Christ

Week 5: Laëtitia Kamba stars as UHB-SA beat Charleville-Mézières

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NF1 basketball news picture credits:
SIG Amateur

Date: 18 October 2009

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