Rennes have one of the best structures for NF1 basketball

 Avenir de Rennes, 2009-2010   ©  Marc Ollivier

The club Avenir de Rennes NF1 basketball structure is one of the best in France for women playing basketball at a high level.

With teams in NF1 and NF2, they are able to attract young players who want to combine higher level education while still playing top level. The flexibility of the structure also means that older players are able to combine basketball with other commitments.

When you have a closer look at the main roster for the first team and remove Virginie Kervokian and Milijana Evevtoukhovitch, the oldest player in the team is the captain and former youth international and CFBB product Yvette Assilamehou who is 23.

 Frédérique Prodhomme   ©  Avenir de Rennes  Frédérique Prodhomme (left), the head coach, has built a solid programme since taking over the reigns of the first team in 2002. She is also involved in the club's youth academy.

The youth teams from Rennes are regular winners of cup matches in France and have shined on the national scene.  Nolwen Locquen   ©  Avenir de Rennes

Nolwen Locquen (right) who runs the basketball academy on a daily basis has become well known for her youth development programmes and has been honoured with national awards for her work by the French Basketball Federation (FFBB).

At the 2009 world student games, players from Rennes were selected to play for France and also two players had represented France at the Fiba U19 World Championship for Women.

Rennes first played in NF1 during the 2007-2008 season and have ambitions to play in the LFB again.

The club has learned the lessons from their experience in the LFB which ended in relegation in 1999 and financial ruin.Their home arena is named after 1968 400m Olympic runner Colette Besson.

Rennes unable at home to stop Reims

Rennes opened their the match with a (9-4) run with an electrifying pace.

Reims went to their youth players and trailed (14-15) by the end of the first quarter. Then after a 13-0 run (31-18) they took control of the game.

When the teams went into the locker room Reims had a 10-point advantage (37-27).

Rennes were without their captain Yvette Assilamehou and Milijana Evevtoukhovitch for this match. However they managed to pick themselves up after the break and were back on level terms (46-46) after 26 minutes.

The teams were still level (53-53) at the start of the final quarter. Reims had to wait until the 33rd minute to finally take hold of the game.

Manon Sinico's and Zuzana Gujaraidze's experience helped Reims to put together a 10-0 run to go ahead (64-57) with five minutes left to play.

Reims never trailed again despite a spirited fightback from the hosts to win (77-68).

Philippe Sauret remains unbeaten since his return to NF1 basketball. On the other hand, Frédérique Prodhomme should be unhappy with the technical called against her side with 90 seconds left in the game, with her team trailing by just 3 points.

NF1 Basketball: Box score

Snow did not stop NF1 basketball

 1750 people turned up in Charleville-Mézières with the expectation that their team would stay unbeaten at home.

Union Hainaut had other ideas and came away with the victory (58-55) in a very physical contest.

For the first time this season Charleville-Mézières did not shoot the ball well. They paid the price during the last 60 seconds when Clémence Beikes (13 points and 13 rebounds) scored what turned out to be the winning basket.

Laëtitia Kamba also finished with a double-double of 14 points and 13 rebounds for the winners while Djéné Diawara finished with a game high 22 points and 13 rebounds in defeat.

 Julie Legoupil   ©  LYON BF  Illkirch-Graffensten fell at home (80-96) in an extraordinary match against Lyon BF. A total of 61 points were scored during the first quarter with the hosts in front (31-30).

The game remained close with three-point attempts flying in from all directions with Lyon leading most of the time.

Lyon were leading (76-75) with just under six minutes left to play. The SIG then collapsed and the game finished with a 20-5 run for Lyon.

Julie Legoupil (left) finished the game with 29 points (7-of-11 from beyond the arc) while Géraldine Bertal contributed 24 points in the victory.

Dunkerque Malo do not like playing against Pleyber-Christ. So when Mélanie Venier returned to the North of France she led Pleyber-Christ to victory (73-55).

She scored 25 points (5-of-7 from beyond the arc) while Naignouma Coulibaly collected 20 rebounds and scored 20 points.

Charnay-lès-Mâcon got past Tours (56-51) while Voiron won against the CFBB (72-61).

For the third time this season US Laveyron were unable to play. This time CSP Rezé could not travel to them due to bad weather. US Laveyron now have three games to make up before the end of the regular season.

Nice BC 06 completed the misery for the teams in the top 5 by beating Roche Vendée (87-84).

Nice BC looked to have had the game won leading (75-50) with eight minutes left to play. They took their foot off the accelerator and were punished immediately by Elodie Gérard and Christelle Morel.

Nice BC were outscored 10-24 in a space of seven minutes and required a couple of free-throws in the dying seconds to secure the victory.

This win brings Nice BC in the NF1 basketball play-off puzzle.

All the NF1 basketball results from round 20 of the 2009-2010 season are listed below:

CFBB (INSEP)62-71 Etoile de Voiron

Nice BC 06 87-84 Roche Vendée

US Laveyron - CSP Rezé (match postponed)

Rennes 68-77 Reims

Charleville Mézières 55-58 UHB-SA

Illkirch-Graffenstaden 80-96 Lyon BF

Charnay-Mâcon 56-51 Tours

Dunkerque 55-73 Pleyber-Christ

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Basketball news picture credits:
Marc Ollivier
Avenir de Rennes
Flammes Carolo
Lyon BF

Date created: 14 February 2010

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