Ligue Féminine 2
Toulouse Métropole Basket
2011-2012 roster

After two roller coaster seasons in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball (LFB) Toulouse Métropole Basket (TMC) find themselves back in the second division.

Valérie Garnier who coached the club for the first three seasons of their existence has become the new coach at Bourges Basket.

Informations sur Toulouse Métropole Basket en français en bas du page

The up-and-down existence started with Toulouse buying the rights of another club to play in NF1 in 2008-2009.

The club finished fourth at the end of the regular season and did not win the NF1 final four.

However they still ended up winning promotion to the LFB because Union Hainaut Basket and Reims were relegated from the LFB due to financial problems.

TMC just escaped relegation in their first season in the LFB but were initially refused entry due to financial issues.

The club had released most of the players before the decision was reversed.

Then Toulouse managed to get some young players just in time for the new season. They were never competitive and finished last.

Matthieu Chauvet  © Matthieu Chauvet (in picture) was hired to replace Garnier as a coach. His record at Roche Vendée makes him one of the most exciting coaches in the Ligue Féminine 2.

The five new players joining him at TMC are:

Agathe Degorces (Pau-Orthez - LF2), Lorraine Lokoka (Reims - LF2), Maud Medenou (Rennes - LF2), Darline Nsoki (Tarbes - LFB) and Carrem Gay who played last season as a medical replacement in the LFB for Aix-en-Provence.

The five players returning from last season are:

Emilie Maurice (captain), Lola De Angelis, Lou Mataly, Jessie De Colo and Nina Bogicevic.

Bogicevic was injured before the start of last season and was unable to play.

The following players left the club:

Camille Aubert (Basket Landes - LFB), Shanavia Dowdell, Chandrea Jones, Leslie Matanga (Le Havre - LF2) and Suzana Milovanovic.

L'effectif de Toulouse Métropole Basket pour la saison 2011-2012

Le nouveau coach de Toulouse est l'ancien coach de Roche Vendée Matthieu Chauvet dont ses résultats en LF2 pendant les trois dernières saison sont les meilleurs dans le championnat de la deuxième division.

L'ancien coach de Toulouse Valérie Garnier a remplacé Pierre Vincent à Bourges Basket.

Les recrues au TMB sont:

Jessie De Colo  ©  Bellenger IS FFBB Agathe Degorces (meneuse, Pau-Orthez, LF2), Lorraine Lokoka (ailière, Reims, LF2), Maud Medenou (intérieure, Rennes, LF2), Darline Nsoki (ailière, Tarbes, LFB) et l'Américaine Carrem Gay (intérieure, Aix-en-Provence, LFB).

Les cinq joueuses qui restent, sont:

Emilie Maurice, Lola De Angelis, Jessie De Colo (dans l'image), Lou Mataly et Nina Bogicevic.

Les cinq joueuses parties sont:

Camille Aubert (Basket Landes - LFB), Shanavia Dowdell, Chandrea Jones, Leslie Matanga (Le Havre - LF2) et Suzana Milovanovic.

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Bellenger IS FFBB

Date created: 14 September 2011

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