Ligue Féminine 2
CFBB 2011-2012 roster

The only team in the Ligue Féminine 2 that is not concerned with promotion or relegation is the Centre Fédéral de Basket Ball (CFBB) based at INSEP in Paris.

The players at the CFBB normally are all under the age of 18 and are developed by the FFBB to become professional players after their three-year cycle.

In the past it was only during the second and third year in the CFBB that their players take part in the second division (LF2). But in the last couple of seasons that has not always been the case.

This season a total of 15 players born in the years 1994 and 1995 make up the roster trained by Grégory Halin. Jérôme Fournier continues his role as assistant coach.

Olivia Epoupa  © The fifteen players are:

Valériane Ayayi, Marieme Badiane, Fleur Devilliers, Bétengere Dinga-Mbomi, Mousdandy Djaldi-Tabdi, Olivia Epoupa (in picture), Elise Fagnez, Morgane Fristot, Aby Gaye, Laetitia Guapo, Assistan Koné, Axelle Koundouno, Clémentine Morateur, Mamignan Touré and Lidija Turcinovic.

Version en français:

Normalement les joueuses qui sont à l'INSEP à Paris jouent en LF2 qu'à partir de leur deuxième, voir leur troisième année en CFBB ce qui n'est pas toujours le cas.

Quoique l'équipe du Centre Fédéral de BasketBall ne peut ni être promue ni reléguée, les jeunes joeueses qui ont normalement moins de 18 ans sont préparées pour devenir des joueuses professionnelles.

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Date created: 14 September 2011

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