It is time to watch women playing basketball in France
Venez assister aux matchs des basketteuses en L2F et LFB

 LF2 MVP Trophy © For the women playing basketball in France at the highest level, it does not matter if it in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball (LFB) or Ligue Féminine 2 (LF2). The demands are the same, win as many games as possible and qualify for post-season competitions.

While the Open LFB is the flagship event for women's basketball in France, the LF2 Final 4 has turned into the second division's showcase event. a préparé un vidéo clip pour vous encourager de venir voir du basket féminin en France.

Le niveau en LFB et L2F a augmenté d'une façon que les matchs sont devenus plus intéressants avec des basketteuses plus athlétiques, voir plus vite, plus fortes et professionnelles et des entraîneurs plus rusés.

Trouvez en bas du page la vidéo dont trois entraîneurs de la finale à 4 de la L2F vous expliquent l'essentiel sur le basket féminin en France: Matthieu Chauvet, Cyril Sicsic et Bertrand Parvaud.

LF2 Final Four: Showdown made in France

In 2010 Charleville-Mézières required a late three-ball by Sarra Ouerghi in overtime to win the championship while in 2011 Cavigal Nice danced the Logobitombo.

Like in 2010, overtime was required and for the second time the hosts came away with the trophy, this time with Perpignan: Héléna Ciak stole the show and walked away with the honour of MVP.

Today in France due to the fact that players are faster, fitter, stronger and more professional the domestic championships have become more competitive and interesting.

One of the objectives of this site is the promotion of women's basketball. During the 2012 LF2 Final Four we got together with some of the coaches and produced this short clip on the merits of the sport and why people should come out and support their local clubs.

Matthieu Chauvet, Cyril Sicsic and Bertrand Parvaud speak in the promotion of women playing basketball video.

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Date created: 17 May 2012

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