Ligue Féminine 2
Dunkerque Malo 2011-2012 roster

The first season in the newly created Ligue Féminine 2 for Dunkerque Malo turned into a nightmare. The club was deducted a point for exceeding their agreed salary cap.

That deduction almost got them relegated as they had to battle it with Le Havre on the final day of the regular season in a loser-get-relegated match.

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Although Dunkerque won the match and had the right to stay in the Ligue Féminine 2, the financial situation of the club meant that they could not guarantee contracts for all the players.

In the end most of the players decided to find other clubs.

This left the coach Sébastien Devos the task of building a new team with a reduced budget.

Sonia Bal who returned to play some matches for the club after having a baby is not expected to play again although her name does not appear on the list of players leaving.

The six players who left the club are: Mariame Dia (Pau Lacq Orthez - NF1), Héléna Akmouche (Armentières - LF2), Linda Bousbaa (Limoges - LF2), Marlène Duquesne (Thouars - NF1), Sophie Watrelot (Ronchin - NF2), Bénédicte Fombonne (Vénissieux - NF3).

The players returning are: Dace Brumermane, Amélie Fresnais, Lucie Carlier, Marion Carlier. Brumermane has played in France for more than five years and is playing from this season on under a French license.

Elodie Dubasque © The following players are joining the club this season:

19-year old Elodie Dubasque (right) who played at Rennes last season.

29-year old, 1:88m tall American Sabrina Scott who played for Lulea Basket in Sweden last year.

However the big signing for the club is Ukrainian international Taisiia Bovykina (in French Taissa Bovikyna).

Aurélie Durand returns to France after a year studying at UWIC in Wales. She also played for the UWIC Archers in the English first division (EBL). Durand played in Rennes before her year abroad.

The last signing is 20-year old Pauline Fournier from COB Calais.

In addition players from the basketball academy may be rotated with Marion Carlier.

L'effectif de Dunkerque Malo pour la saison 2011-2012

Après une saison 2010-2011 difficile au niveau budgétaire et des performances trop fluctuantes, Dunkerque Malo débute cette saison avec une nouvelle équipe.

Le coach Sébastien Devos a pu gardé quelques joueuses majeures:

Dace Brumermane et Amélie Fresnais.

Les joueuses de la saison dernière qui sont parties:

Mariame Dia (Pau Lacq Orthez - NF1), Héléna Akmouche (Armentières - LF2), Linda Bousbaa (Limoges - LF2), Marlène Duquesne (Thouars - NF1), Sophie Watrelot (Ronchin - NF2), Bénédicte Fombonne (Vénissieux - NF3).

Les nouvelles joueuses sont:

Elodie Dubasque (Rennes), âgée de 19 ans, Sabrina Scott, Américaine, âgée de 29 ans, (Lulea Basket, Suède), Taisiia Bovykina, une joueuse internationale d'Ukraine, Aurélie Durand, âgée de 21 ans et Pauline Fournier, âgée de 20 ans.

Deux joueuses de la formation complètent l'équipe première:

Lucie Carlier et Marion Carlier.

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Date created: 09 September 2011

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