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AL Aplemont Le Havre 2011-2012 roster

A place in the Ligue Féminine 2 for 2011-2012 for L'Amicale Laïque Aplemont Le Havre was only confirmed after CASE Basket (Saint Etienne) were refused promotion by the French Basketball Federation.

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Le Havre's first season in the second division ended with a defeat on the final day of the regular season to Dunkerque Malo (58-65) which had condemned them to third division of basketball.

Laurent Chamu, the coach did not think that his club would be relegated and spent the summer looking for more sponsorship opportunities to ease the club's financial situation while finding new players to replace those leaving.

The following players from his 2010-2011 roster have gone:

Jolie M'Backa (retired), Lara Tran Van Nho (Gravenchon), Mélanie Behet (Sannois St Gratien), Virginie Kevorkian (Villeurbanne), Heloîse Roussignol (Gravenchon), Alexandra Tchangoue (Arras), Manon Vermeire.

Priscilla Lokoka has been loaned to Istres for the season in order to gain more playing time in the lower division.

Kekelly Elanga ©  womensbasketball-in-france.comThe following players are returning:

Michelande Auger, Gwladis Bourdon, Kekelly Elenga (in picture), Emmanuelle Nauleau, Tifany Noret and Fiani Yamjeu.

They are joined by:

Ida Tryggedsson Preetzmann, a Danish international player whose NCAA career unfortunately never happened. She suffered a knee injury during her freshman year in 2009-2010 and was red shirted for that season. She never suited up for Texas Christian University and has decided to restart her basketball career in France.

AL Aplemont Le Havre 2011 pre-season picture   ©  AL Aplemont Le Havre  She had signed for the club before they were reinstated in LF2.

Kayla Smith is the second foreign player to have signed for the season. Smith played college basketball in the NCAA division 2 with California University of Pennsylvania. She finished her career at the end of the 2010-2011 season with a school record of 1307 rebounds while also scoring 2096 points.

The other new signers are Lalya Sidibé (Challes-les-Eaux - LFB), Lucie Desmoliens (Chartres-NF1), Leslie Matanga (Toulouse - LFB) and Whitney Miguel (Rennes - LF2). Most of these players are under the age of 23.

This might have been a reason that the club announced at the time of writing this article that they signed Bintou Diémé who has plenty of LFB experience behind her.

L'effectif de AL Aplemont Le Havre pour la saison 2011-2012

Laurent Chamu  ©  Phillippe Couyere Après la dernière défaite pendant la saison régulière Le Havre a été rélégué en Nationale Féminine 1 (NF1).

Pourtant leur coach Laurent Chamu (à gauche) ne perdait pas d'espoir pour regagner une place en ligue 2 en cherchant des sponsors et des joueuses capables de jouer en LF2.

Il avait raison de ne pas abdiquer car la FFBB refusait au CASE Basket (Saint Etienne) de monter en LF2. Donc Le Havre était repêché.

Voici les joueuses de la saison dernière qui sont parties:

Jolie M'Backa (arrêt), Lara Tran Van Nho (Gravenchon), Mélanie Behet (Sannois St Gratien), Virginie Kevorkian (Villeurbanne), Heloîse Roussignol (Gravenchon), Alexandra Tchangoue (Arras), Manon Vermeire et Priscilla Lokoka qui est louée à un club de NF1 pour gagner d'ample expériences.

Les joueuses de la saison 2010-2011 qui restent:

Michelande Auger, Gwladis Bourdon, Kekelly Elenga, Emmanuelle Nauleau, Tifany Noret et Fiani Yamjeu.

Les nouvelles joueuses:

- les étrangères: Ida Tryggedsson Preetzmann, une joueuse internationale de Danemark et
Kayla Smith, une joueuse américaine de la NCAA division 2

- les autres: Bintou Diémé, Lalya Sidibé (Challes-les-Eaux - LFB), Lucie Desmoliens (Chartres-NF1), Leslie Matanga (Toulouse - LFB) et Whitney Miguel (Rennes - LF2).

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Picture credits:
AL Aplemont Le Havre
Phillippe Couyere

Date created: 08 September 2011

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