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SO Armentières 2011-2012 roster

Before SO Armentières were promoted into the Ligue Féminine de Baseketball (LFB) in 2009, they had a history of running the club as a family with a steady roster of players.

After two difficult seasons the club has returned back to its old philosophy by bringing back players that they know and promoting players from the region.

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Stéphane Lalart returns to the coaching seat after six months of General Manager. Lalart stepped down as head coach in November 2010 and his then assistant Abdel Bellouni took over.

In April 2011 it was announced that Lalart would resume his role of head coach for the coming season. Lalart took the club all the way from NF2 to the LFB during his first reign of head coach. Bellouni refused the offer to remain as assistant and had left the club.

Instead Marc Antoine Verini is working as assistant while continuing his role as coach to Armentières' third senior women's team in the regional championship.

Anda Nedovic, Aurélie Carmona, Hélèna Akmouche, Maïwenn Catrix and Stéphane Lalart ©

The club have brought in four players for this season but only two are new faces: Hélèna Akmouche has signed for two years, last season she played for Dunkerque Malo also in LF2.

The second new signing is Aurélie Carmona who played for Lyon BF, also Ligue Féminine 2 last season.

The club welcomes back two players from their adventure in the LFB during 2009-2010: Maïwenn Catrix (Ronchon - NF2) and Danish international Anda Nedovic.

The five players coming back for another season of LF2 basketball are: Anaïs Déas, Mia Fisher, Rachel Gouttière, Valerié Labbé and Manon Vierne.

With a nine-player rotation the club should use players from their basketball academy to make up the numbers.

The following players have moved on: Cora Duval (Roche Vendée - LF2), Marie-Frédérique Ayissi (Union Hainaut Basket - LFB), Gaëtane Merlot (Wasquehal - NF1), Caroline Lalart (retired).

L'effectif de Sports Ouvriers Armentiérois pour la saison 2011-2012

Anaïs Déas, Manon Vierne, Mia Fisher, Rachel Gouttière and Valérie Labbé ©

SO Armentières démarre la nouvelle saison avec que deux nouveaux visages et des retours des ex-joueuses du club.

Après que Abdel Bellouni pris les reines de la formation en Novembre 2010, SO Armentières retrouva son calme pour succéder à la cinquième place de la saison régulière. Depuis, l'ancien entraîneur Stéphane Lalart s'engagea de revenir en tant que coach.

Il retrouve dans sa nouvelle équipe cinq joueuses de la saison dernière:

Anaïs Déas, Mia Fisher, Rachel Gouttière, Valerié Labbé et Manon Vierne.

Les nouvelle joueuses sont:

Héléna Akmouche (Dunkerque Malo - LF2) et Aurélie Carmona (Lyon BF - LF2).

Les joueuses qui avaient déjà représentées le club en LFB sont:

Maïwenn Catrix (Ronchon - NF2) et l'internationale Danoise Anda Nedovic.

La dixième joueuse vient du centre d'entraînement du club.

Les joueuses qui sont parties, sont les suivantes:

Cora Duval (Roche Vendée - LF2), Marie-Frédérique Ayissi (Union Hainaut Basket - LFB), Gaëtane Merlot (Wasquehal - NF1), Caroline Lalart (arrêt).

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