Youth International Basketball news index

This page on women's youth international basketball for 2008 will highlight news from several events involving women players in U16, U18 and U20 international age groups.

Termosteps 2007 U16 Champions: France

Termosteps 2007 U16 Champions: France

In addition to news about the French teams we will be following the events in Luxembourg as the Luxembourg Basketball Federation celebrates 75 years of existence. They will be hosting youth international events in the U16 and U18 age groups.

We will also be covering the FIBA Europe division B women U18 tournament in Macedonia.

With FIBA organising U19 world championships in 2009, the FIBA European championship will be hotly contested in the U18 division A category. The European places for the world event will be allocated at this event.

French youth teams roster information

You will be able to find all the information about the current roster and latest news for the three teams by following links as they become active.

France U16 - (1992)

France U18 - (1990-1991)

France U20 - (1989-1990)

Other international news

You will be able to find stories of other youth events in France involving youth teams from other nations and also our links to the FIBA European championships.

Youth international events in France

Youth international events in Europe

France U16 - Women news

France U16 2008 training roster

Spain Win Termosteps U16 European Championship Division A women
18 August 2008: Gold for Spain and Bronze for France

12 August 2008: Ready for classification round

09 August 2008: Day 1 summary from Katowice

09 July 2008: Roster trimmed down to thirteen

30 June 2008: France U16 win Trophée Jacques Dorgambide

27 June 2008: Cathy Melain joins staff as roster is reduced to 17 players

25 March 2008: Spain U16 win four-nation tournament in Poinçonnet

21 March 2008: Prepare for defending Termosteps U16 Women title

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France U18 - Women news

22 July 2008: France make it three as they beat Croatia (71-35)

20 July 2008: France Down Serbia (89-57) in second game

19 July 2008: France open European Championship with a win against Sweden (91-60)

18 July 2008: France ready for European Championship

09 July 2008: France U18 back to winning ways at Troyes

23 June 2008: Lithuania win Rezé Basket International Féminin

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France U20 - Women news

France U20 2008 roster

13 July 2008: Youth international basketball at its best when the pressure is on

12 July 2008: France bounce back with a victory against Germany (84-59)

11 July 2008: Italy Surprise France (57-51) on day one FIBA Europe U20 European Championship Women

09 July 2008: France U20 win international basketball tournament in Spain

01 July 2008: France U20 succeed in international basketball tournament in Turkey

27 June 2008: French U20 European Championship Women roster confirmed

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Youth International Basketball events in France

29 June 2008: Australia win Fougères U18 four-nation tournament

27 June 2008: First day reports from Fougères U18 four-nation tournament

26 June 2008: Preview of Fougères U18 four-nation tournament

15 May 2008: England U16 win BC Violaines' international tournament

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Youth International Basketball events in Europe

18 August 2008: Summary of the Termosteps U16 European Championship Women-Division B

U18 European Championship Women 2008 Division B - Skopje Macedonia

Latvia back in Division AThe six players

The Macedonian Basketball Federation the hosts of FIBA Europe youth tournaments in 2007 and 2008 in Skopje Home page Link:

15 August 2008: News from day 9: Latvia are the champions

14 August 2008: News from day 8: Latvia and Belgium win promotion

13 August 2008: News from day 7

12 August 2008: Interview with players from Bosnia Herzegovina

12 August 2008: Top 8 preview

10 August 2008: News from day 5

09 August 2008: Power failure does not help hosts

08 August 2008: Classification battle continues on day 3

07 August 2008: National Derby's take centre stage on day 2

06 August 2008: News from day one and Macedonia beat Slovenia

05 August 2008: Tournament group preview

Youth International Basketball Partnership Tournament in Luxembourg

03 August 2008: The Netherlands win U16 Partnership Tournament in Luxembourg

U18 European Championship Women 2008 Division A

Lithuania U18 European Champions Women Division A 2008

27 July 2008: Lithuania are the winners

26 July 2008: Lithuania and Russia qualify for final

25 July 2008: The Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and Russia book ticket for 2009 U19 World Championship

24 July 2008: France hold off Spain (62-58) while Lithuania sneak past the hosts

23 July 2008: France crush Bulgaria (90-44) to remain unbeaten on day 4

U18 women Partnership Tournament in Luxembourg

20 July 2008: England, Germany and Ireland win on the last day

19 July 2008: Slovenia are already champions

18 July 2008: Slovenia are the only team unbeaten

17 July 2008: Slovenia and England remain unbeaten while Luxembourg beat Ireland

16 July 2008: Slovenia, England and The Netherlands win on day 1

15 July 2008: U18 Women Partnership Tournament in Luxembourg preview

FIBA Europe U20 European Championships Women 2008

Russia U20 celebrate Victory Sweden U20 celebrate Victory

22 July 2008: Russia and Sweden are champions

19 July 2008: France and Russia qualify for the final

17 July 2008: U20 Women European Championship news from Division A and B for day 6

16 July 2008: U20 Women European Championship news from Division A and B for day 5

15 July 2008: U20 Women European Championship news from Division A and B for day 4

15 July 2008: U20 Women European Championship news from Division A and B

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pictures credits:
FIBA Europe - Termosteps 2007 Champions France
FFBB - France U16 training roster
Fabien Savouroux - France U20 roster
FIBA Europe - U20 Women Division A Champions 2008 - Russia
Wojciech Figurski - U20 Women Division B Champions 2008 - Sweden
Miguel Bordoy Cano -U18 European Championship Women Division A

Date created: 26 June 2008
Last update: 20 August 2008

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