Stories for day 5 from the Youth International Basketball festival in Skopje

Estonia sitting in the dark after power failure

Estonia sitting in the dark after power failure

The fifth day of the youth international basketball tournament in Skopje for the U18 European Championship Women Division B ended the first group round of games.

The eight teams that will compete in the qualifying round are:
Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands and Slovenia.

The four teams that finished bottom of each group will start their 17th to 20th place classification round on the 12th August:
Denmark, Macedonia Scotland and Switzerland.

The remaining eight teams will play in the 9th to 16th classification round.

On this page you will find match reports from day 5 from Groups A and B as well as a match summary of England-Ireland.

You can select the match of your interest by either scrolling down the page or by clicking on the links below:

Full youth international basketball match report Greece - Germany
Full youth international basketball match report Austria - Switzerland
Full youth international basketball match report Estonia- Slovenia

Match youth international basketball summaries for the following games:
England - Ireland
Portugal - Israel

In Group D: Latvia beat Belgium (76-64) to win the group. Ireland had it easy against England (65-48).

In Group C: Netherlands remain unbeaten to top the group after beating Finland (76-67). Hungary take second place after holding off Bosnia (69-56).

On the 11th August there are no games played.

Greece taking advantage against Germany for qualifying round

Nika-Marie Tsakindou jump shooting Aikaterini Kontali took only five second to open her account as she scored on her first drive to the basket. Germany got on the score sheet a minute later as Stephanie Wagner went through a lot of bodies for a lay-up (2-2). Afterwards Greece took control and scored 6 unanswered points which forced Rainer Chromik, the German head coach, to call an early time-out.
Germany alternated plays between the inside and outside to good effect and scored two baskets without conceding any more points. This forced the Greek head coach, Pangiotis Vafeiadis, also to call a time-out (8-6). Then the two sides stepped up the tempo and played exciting basketball to finish the first period with a late flourish of three-points. Pia Mankertz scored for Germany from the land of many. But her joy was short lived as Ioanna Diela repeated the same for Greece just before the period-ending buzzer. That shot allowed Greece to edge the first period (17-13). Defending is the best form of attack Defence was the order of the day for the second period as neither side allowed any open shots. Yet Greece still managed to stay in front halfway through the second period (21-20). The German coach frequently changed players as he alternated defensive and offensive systems trying to break down the Greek defence. It worked for most of the time but when the Greeks found an opening they scored as illustrated by Maria Vassililiki Pavlopoulou who hit the last points of the first half. This allowed Greece to go into the interval leading (32-27), with Diela on 10 points. The offensive battle between Kontali for Greece and Mankertz for Germany took off at the beginning of the third quarters as both players opened the scoring for their sides with a three-pointer and a two-point play respectively. battling hardAs hard as Germany tried they were unable to draw level with Greece (36-37). So they switched to zone defence and attacked the basket at pace. Aidra Skiadopoulou was picking up defensive rebound after rebound as she dominated her sector. Kontali came up with some magic for Greece and they extended their advantage (43-36). Germany’s scoring difficulties continued and they fell further behind. Greece went into the final period with the fist significant lead of the game (48-36). Nika-Marie Tsakindou jump shootingJenny Menz ended Germany’s six-minute draught with a baseline jumper from outside the paint. Wagner followed next for Germany. Nika-Marie Tsakindou (left) from Greece forced her way into the German paint to score. However Germany was on a run and Mankertz responded almost immediately for Germany (42-50). It was then the turn of Greece to switch systems. It paid off as Angeliki Nikolpoulou started to score from all over the court as Greece went on a (10-2) run. With the game in money-time Greece led (60-46) the game appeared to be won. All credit to Germany as they continued to play although luck was not on their side. Main scorers from Greece were Nikolopoulou and Kontali with 15 points apiece, followed by Diela with 10 points. For Germany in double figures were Mankertz with 12 and Menz with 10 points. Pia MankertzPia Mankertz (left, no. 8) spoke in German about her experience in this European championship so far. She was happy with the team’s performance and also about her own. Yet she admitted she would have loved to win against Greece who however deserved the victory.

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Austria knocking Switzerland in the competition for 17th place

Switzerland on the atackSwitzerland took advantage of the passive start from Austria to take an early lead (6-2). Austria then picked up and went in front briefly as Lisa Richard hit one from beyond the arc.Both teams were back on level term (9-9) halfway through the first period.

For the rest of the period Switzerland continued to be aggressive and traded basket for basket to finish on level terms going into the second quarter (13-13).

Austria were finding it difficult to impose their style but managed to edge in front midway through the second period (19-18).Lisa Richard Austria U18

Austria's head coach, Hajnail Szilagyi, finally got her side to use a full court press effectively. Unfortunately for Switzerland the flood gates opened as they were hit 21-6 for the rest of the quarter and went into the locker room trailing (24-40).

After the interval Switzerland switched back to their simple but effective transition to trouble Austria as they quickly reduced their deficit (33-44).

Austria bounced back with Richard (right) leading the way to regain part of their initial lead (52-35).

Another win to celebrate for Austria U16Then the pace slowed down and Austria took full control of the game going into the final period with a comfortable advantage (57-37).

The final period was just a formality for Austria. Both coaches made lots of changes while keeping the match competitive.

Austria went on to win (67-48) and as a result Switzerland will play for 17th place.

Richard led the scoring with 21 points for Austria. Sara Sicher was the only other player in double digits with 10 points.

For Switzerland Lisa Mazzocchi scored 16 points.

Slovenia won Group B thriller against Estonia

Slovenia U18 - Estonia U18 Slovenia opened the game with the first 6 points. It took almost four minutes for Estonia to score their first basket.

Both teams were playing quickly as they attempted to impose their own rhythm. Slovenia had the early advantage (10-4).

The rest of the first period was rather technical with plenty of pushing and shoving as both sides shared the scoring. Slovenia went into the second period leading (16-10).

The technical battle continued during the second quarter.

Slovenia were not getting their way with the officials as they had to play without Teja Oblak who picked up her fourth personal foul, a technical one, with less than fifteen minutes played. Slovenia U18 - Estonia U18

Ines Kerin was also on three fouls and had to return to the bench. Estonia used this to their advantage as they put together a 12-0 run to take the lead with Anastassia Ptitsona hitting two three-point shots (28-22).

Nika Baric ended the run as she managed to draw a foul on Trinn Mitt and hit a pair of free-throws. Triin Teppo profited from a mix-up in the Slovenian defence to score the last points of the first half and stretch their lead to 7 points at the interval (30-23).

Slovenia came storming back at the start of the third quarter with Kerin and Oblak back on the court hitting big shots (30-34).

The pace picked up and the game became more physical. Estonia switched to zone but that did not stop Kerin from hitting beyond the arc.

Ireland opening dayEstonia started to run the ball more and Mitt found her way to the basket to score. Kerli Hass then buried a baseline trey for Estonia (41-35). The baskets were now coming in quickly as Slovenia regained the lead as first Baric, then Kerin with a trey and Tjasa Gortnar all scored (42-41).

Linda Veltmann got herself to the foul-line and hit her free-throws for the lead to change hands again. The battle continued right to the end of the quarter with Baric scoring the last basket for Slovenia to regain the lead (46-45).

The exchange of baskets continued as both sides gave ot all. Slovenia still had the advantage (55-47) with six minutes to play.

Oblak fouled out with 5:06 to play after picking up her 5th personal foul.

Oblak, Baric and KerinThe game was end to end basketball. When the game entered money-time Baric made space for herself on the wing to hit a three-pointer (61-52).

There was to be no more scoring and Slovenia won the group and will play Germany next.

Kerin led the scoring with 17 points, Baric 16 and Oblak 12 points (from right to left in picture).

For Estonia Hass scored 14, followed by Teppo and Jalli with 10 points apiece.

Ireland made it look easy to win against England

Ireland opening dayIn a disappointing game that lacked the normal intensity of an England-Ireland match, Diggans, the Irish head coach, and his staff were rewarded for the homework done before the match.

His first act was to start with Hannah Thornton who - on her very first play - drove to the basket and scored. Within the next 60 seconds Ireland were leading (6-0) with Thornton already on 4 points.

Mary Durojaye eventually opened England’s account with her trademark triple jump to lay up. However Thornton continued to cause England problems as Ireland stretched their lead to (12-2) within five minutes.

England recovered a little bit with Tamzin Barroilhet hitting a mid-distance jumper. Charlotte Stoddart chipped in two baskets for her side to reduce the deficit. But Claire Rockall and Sinead O’Reilly made sure that Ireland led after the first period (16-11).

The game became very stale in the second period. With Thornton stretching Ireland’s advantage to (20-12) England came on a quick rally as Julia Colley hit a jump shot from just within the arc and Katrin Chiemeka followed up with a baseline trey (17-20). Yet this was as close as England was to get to Ireland for the rest of the game.

Afterwards Ireland went on a 12-4 run as Orla O’Reilly and Eimear Martin started hitting one and two three-pointers respectively. By the interval they led (32-20).

England opening dayAt the start of the third quarter England attempted to rally back after a Barroilhet’s trey. The game was becoming more physical with claiming a victim in Rhiannon Mc Nulty as she came off worse in a challenge against Hannah Shaw. Hence Ireland stepped up with the Irish O‘Reilly twins to trouble England as their side moved further ahead by the end of this period (48-34).

In the last quarter Ireland was able to play their bench as nothing went right for England to win (65-48).

For Ireland Orla O’Reilly and Rockall were with 14 and 13 points in double figures while Shaw and Barroilhet had 13 and 11 points apiece for England.

Portugal saved the best for last

Naama ShafirThis match was played late in respect for the Israeli point guard Naama Shafir‘s religion (left). FIBA Europe had agreed on this before the tournament. All credit goes to Portugal for also agreeing to play the match at a late hour.

Israel started quickly by scoring the first 11 points. Then Portugal fought back with a 7-0 run for the game to be tied (13-13) at the end of the first period.

The teams continued to play at a high tempo and traded basket for basket with Israel leading (22-18) off a basket by Coral Dolev. Afterwards the Portuguese head coach, Maryana Kostourkova, decided to have some words with her players. As a result her team put in a 9-0 run to take the lead for good (31-22).

But Israel’s Idit Oryon put in a buzzer-beater jump shot for her side to go into the interval with a 6-point deficit (25-31).

Portugal did not drop intensity moving the ball around and mixing three-point plays with inside moves. They stretched their lead to (43-28). Shafir who had a quiet first half started to make inroads into the Portuguese defence by scoring 9 of her team’s 14 points. Yet Portugal stayed in front by the end of the third period (55-39).

Despite loosing Shira Ben Barak with her 5th foul Israel came storming back to (51-57) within the first 41/2 minutes.

However Maria Correia stepped up as she attempted to go coast to coast but missed. Afterwards she was again in the mist of action and hit a three-pointer rejuvenating Portugal. This moment was the turning point of the match.

Portugal happy with winPortugal double-teamed Shafir for the rest of the game. However the Israeli player came up with the move of the match as she penetrated into the box, fed the ball behind her back out to the wing for Shira Schecht to hit a three-pointer.

Portugal won (75-59).

For Portugal Joana Bernardeco top scored with 18 points, followed by Luiana Livulo with 16 and Correia with 13 points.

Shafir had a team high of 21 points. Schecht had 11 points.

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