France looking good at the U18 youth international basketball competition in Nitra

France U18 dominated the group stage of the youth international basketball tournament. They made it three out of three with a comfortable victory against Croatia (71-35) in their last group game.

France took their time to get into their stride which allowed the team of Stipe Balic, the Croatian head coach, to stay in contact as France led (7-6).

Tomica Bacic
Tomica Bacic (Croatia)
France then stepped on the accelerator to score 5 quick points that resulted in a Croatian time-out. After the time-out France continued their offensive onslaught and added 8 more points with 6 straight points coming from Maud Menedou (19-6).

Croatia did come back a little at the end of the first quarter as former Bosnian you international Mia Carapina put in 5 points to reduce the deficit (11-19).

France struggled at the start of the second period with only Allison Vernerey putting some points on the scoreboard. Croatia profited during this slump by France to keep in touch (19-26).

This was as close as Croatia was to get as Isabelle Strunc was the catalyst France required as they went on a 12-4 run to finish the first half leading (38-23).

France kept Croatia scoreless for the first eight minutes of the third period while scoring 11 points. Croatia made some defensive adjustments as they then only conceded 2 more points before the end of the third quarter.

Diandra Tchatchouang Leading (51-25) at the start of the final period, France went on a 7-2 run. This ended the game as a contest (58-27) with eight minutes left to play.

Croatia's offensive weapon was Mia Carapina but her efforts and those of Tomica Bacic was not enough to stop France.

France went on to win (71-35).

Diandra Tchatchouang (left) led the French scoring with 17 points. She also took 8 rebounds while Vernerey had a double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds.

For Croatia Carapina scored 15 points and also led her side in rebounds with 7.

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picture credit:
Miguel Bordoy Cano

Date created: 22 July 2008

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