FIBA Europe EuroLeague Women 2008-2009

Spartak Moscow Region defend title

EuroLeague Women 2008 Champions: Spartak Moscow Region

The 24 teams that will take part in the FIBA Europe EuroLeague women competition for 2008-2009 were recently announced.

The format of the competition will remain the same as the previous season. You can read about the competition format changes by following this link.

Once again France and Russia have four club sides in the competition. Each federation has its own rules for qualification in this competition. As a result there are a number of clubs that did not participate last season that have qualified for this edition.

In France Lattes Montpellier will be making their début while USVO's place has been given to the new club Union Hainaut Basket.

From Russia Dynamo Moscow missed out on qualification this season and have been replaced by Nadezhda Orenburg. There is no representative from Belgium while Turkey has picked up an extra place.

This EuroLeague competition is considered to be the toughest one for women playing basketball professionally at club level outside the WNBA.

The big difference between this competition and the domestic leagues including the WNBA is that there is no regular season or post season.

Instead the competition is split into three distinct phases:
1. the group stage in which eight teams are eliminated,
2. the knock-out stage in which twelve teams are eliminated and
3. the final four

October 15, 2008 is the tip-off date for this competition.

This page will be updated all along the season as we follow the competition.

It is possible to follow the play by play live actions of EuroLeague Women basketball matches here.

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  • EuroLeague 2009 Final Four
  • EuroLeague 2009 Play-off Basketball News
  • All star games news
  • Qualification group stage stories and news
  • EuroLeague match reports

  • The qualification round groups

    EuroLeague Women 2009 Final Four

    05 April 2009: Spartak Moscow Region are champions are again

    03 April 2009: Spartak Moscow Region & Halcon Avenida qualify for final

    04 March 2009: Perfumerías (Halcon) Avenida will host final four

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    EuroLeague Women 2008-2009 Play-off stories

    20 February 2009: Bourges Basket are eliminated

    17 February 2009: UMMC, Spartak Moscow, Halcon Avenida & MKB win first game

    04 February 2009: Bourges, Fernerbahçe, Halcon Avenida and MKB make the last 8

    30 January 2009: UMMC, Spartak, Ros Casares and MiZo Pécs qualify in game 2

    27 January 2009: Bourges Basket just 1-of-7 teams that win at home

    26 January 2009: Eurosport 2 have acquired the television rights

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    EuroLeague Women 2009 all star game

    11 March 2009: 2009 all star game video on demand

    09 March 2009: All star game highlights video

    09 March 2009: Behind the scenes of the all star game weekend video

    08 March 2009: Europe beat the Rest of the World (101-78)

    07 March 2009: Sylvia Fowles is in the all star game as player withdraw

    06 March 2009: Live coverage of all star game

    10 February 2009: Rosters and coaches announced for all star game

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    Group stage stories and news

    18 December 2008: Play-off seedings (Brackets) confirmed
    10 December 2008: UMMC Ekaterinburg and Sparktak Moscow Region reach the 100 point mark
    03 December 2008: Unbeaten teams fall in round 8
    01 December 2008: CSKA Moscow reinstated

    27 November 2008: Umana Reyer the only team to win on the road
    26 November 2008: CSKA Moscow forfeit EuroLeague
    19 November 2008: Not much luck for the clubs in the LFB in round 6
    12 November 2008: Umana Reyer and UMMC Ekaterinburg remain unbeaten
    06 November 2008: Defeat for all the clubs in the LFB during round 4

    29 October 2008: Bourges cruise while CSKA Moscow fall in round 3
    23 October 2008: Week two round-up
    18 October 2008: Week one round-up
    14 October 2008: Group stage preview

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    Match reports

    25 February 2009: Dynamo Moscow Region beat Ros Casares in game three (79-70)

    13 November 2008: UHB lost out to UMMC Ekaterinburg (65-85)

    12 November 2008: Montpellier no match at home for Spartak Moscow Region (70-93)

    05 November 2008: Fenerbahce requires overtime to beat Montpellier (90-83)

    22 October 2008: Villeneuve D'Ascq fall at home to Gambrinus Sika Brno (63-67)
    15 October 2008: Union Hainaut basket win against ZVVZ-USK Prague (78-62)

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    EuroLeague Women 2008-009 Qualification round groups

    The draw for the 2008-2009 edition took place on Thursday, 10th July.

    The 24 teams are Split into 4 groups of six teams. The French clubs are highlighted in bold.

  • EuroLeague Women 2008-2009 Groups
    Group AGroup BGroup C Group D
    Besiktas Cola TurkaCSKA MoscowCiudad Ros Casares ValenciaBasket Lattes Montpellier
    Bourges BasketESB VilleneuveLotos PKO BP GdyniaFenerbahce
    Halcon AvenidaGambrinus SIKA BrnoUMMC EkaterinburgFamila Schio
    Nadezhda OrenburgMKB Euroleasing SopronUnion Hainaut BasketMaxima Broker Kosice
    MiZo Pécs 2010TTT RigaZVVZ USK PrahaSpartak Moscow Region
    Wisla KrakowUmana Reyer VeneziaJolly JBS SibenikTEO Vilnius

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    picture credit: Fiba Europe
    Date created: 08 July 2008

    Page update: 05 April 2009

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