FIBA Europe EuroCup Women 2008-2009

Beretta-Famila win FIBA Europe EuroCup Women 2008

EuroCup Women 2008 Champions: Beretta-Famila
Only 58 clubs are registered this season. As a result only one round of preliminary games will be required.

38 teams have qualified directly for the group stage, while 20 clubs will take part in an elimination round.

The elimination round is scheduled for early October with the games decided on aggregate score over two legs. The ten winners will then join the other 38 teams for the group phase.

The 48 teams will be divided into 12 groups of four teams. The competition will follow the same format as last season. 16 teams will qualify for the knockout stage. There is no final four in this competition.

France were allocated four spots this year but only three clubs have accepted to participate: Challes-les-Eaux, Mondeville and Tarbes.

Clermont-Ferrand had qualified for this competition but due to not meeting certain condition by the French Federation have had to decline.

The 58 teams participating this season can be located at the bottom of 2007-2008 second leg of the final.

You can follow the play by play action here.

The draw for this competition took place on Thursday, 10th July 2008.

This page will be updated all along the season as we follow the competition.

09 April 2009: Galatasaray needed overtime to become champions

02 April 2009: Cras Basket Taranto lead Galatasaray (67-55) in final first leg

19 March 2009: Cras Basket Taranto & Galatasaray qualify for the final

13 March 2009: Cras Basket Taranto & Dynamo Kursk lead after first leg

26 February 2009: Galatasaray back in semi-final

19 February 2009: Galatasaray and Dynamo Moscow winning on the road

05 February 2009: Tarbes are eliminated by Cras Basket

29 January 2009: 1/8 finals first leg news

19 December 2008: 1/16 finals second leg news

12 December 2008: Tarbes already qualified for 1/8 finals

28 November 2008: Preliminary round completed
21 November 2008: 22 clubs have qualified, Mondeville must wait
14 November 2008: 9 teams have qualified for next phase
06 November 2008: Challes remain on course

01 November 2008: Good wins for Challes and Tarbes

23 October 2008: Prilimary qualification round starts with two wins for clubs in the LFB

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picture credit: Fiba Europe
Date created: 08 July 2008
Last Update 09 April 2009

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