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During the 2011 FIBA Europe U20 European championship for Women in Serbia, we were based in Zrenjanin for the first phase covering the teams in Group C and D.

In addition to reporting we took our own pictures of which a number were included during our daily reports.

On demand of many participants we have created four video galleries from the championship. All the pictures have been compressed for viewing on this page.

The first gallery is dedicated to the French U20 team:

France played Italy, Belarus, Netherlands, Latvia, Great Britain and Spain during the first phase of the competition. When the competition moved to Novi-Sad, France played Poland, Great Britain and Ukraine.

Cette vidéo contient des images (optimisées pour mieux regarder sur notre site) de toute l'équipe de France et tout le cadre français présent dès la cérémonie d'ouverture jusqu'au dernier match.

Quelques images de l'équipe française sont aussi inclues dans les trois autres vidéos.

The picture gallery from Zrenjanin

The opening ceremony was held in Novi-Sad with all 16 teams present. However due to the EXIT festival eight teams had to play the preliminary round in Zrenjanin. In total 21 games were played in this venue and the video gallery - which you can click at on the right - is the selection of pictures from the preliminary and qualifying round.

Also pictures of some of the officials have been included at the end of the video.

Final-round games in Novi-Sad

In this gallery you can watch the four teams that qualified from Zrenjanin - France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain - as well as pictures from the teams from Poland, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Although we did not cover any of the lower classification games (9th-16th) in Novi-Sad we included some pictures from the second relegation match between Germany and Belarus as well as from the final game between Latvia and Lithuania.

Division A for Olympic hosts Great Britain

Earlier in the youth international season Great Britain U20 were invited to share a training camp with France which was concluded by a three-game series. As this country is hosting the 2012 Olympics we decided to include a dedicated gallery for them.

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Date created: 30th August 2011

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