LFB team roster changes for 2011-2012

For the first time in years clubs started to release LFB team roster changes before the season came to an end.

This page is keeping track of announcements during the next few weeks and will be updated frequently.

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Arras Pays d'Artois Basket Féminin
Basket Landes
Bourges Basket
Union Hainaut Basket
USO Mondeville
Villeneuve d'Ascq
Lyon Basket Féminin
Nice Cavigal Basket 06


Cindy Lima © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Two Spanish Olympians, Cindy Lima (left) and Tamara Abalde will be joining Aix-en-Provence next season. Lima has just finished a season with Ros Casares. Abalde started the season with Rivas Ecopolis and finished the season playing for Union Navarra Basket (UNB Obenasa Navarra).

The club continues its tradition with Australians: Elise Penaluna replaces Hollie Grima. The other news players are Sylvie Gruszczynski who played for COB Calais last season and Kelly Corre from a second division club Pleyber-Christ.

The coaching staff remain unchanged from last season.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Emmanuelle Gorjeu,
Claire Tomaszewski,
Zoi Dimitrakou,
Lauren Neaves,
Isabelle Strunc,
Anaïs Viale,
Margaux Okou-Zouzouo,
Natalie Hurst,
Sabrina Réghaïssia,
Hollie Grima,
Carren Gay
Zoi Dimitrakou (Charleville-Mézières)
Carren Gay (medical replacement)
Lauren Neaves (Tarbes)
Isabelle Strunc (Perpignan, LF2)
Margaux Okou-Zouzouo

Tamara Abalde (UNB Obenasa Navarra)
Kelly Corre (Pleyber-Christ, LF2)
Emmanuelle Gorjeu
Sylvie Gruszczynski (COB Calais)
Cindy Lima (Ros Casares, Spain)
Natalie Hurst
Elise Penaluna
Sabrina Réghaïssia
Claire Tomaszewski

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Arras Pays d'Artois Basket Féminin

Leilani Mitchell © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Thibaut Petit will be the new coach for Arras next season. He will be in charge of a roster that will consist of eight professionals and four players from the academy.

Leilani Mitchell (left) will be back for her fourth season with the club. In addition Pauline Akonga N’Simbo and Krissy Badé have already agreed to return for the new season.

Laury Aulnette, Adja Konteh and Juliana Mialoundama will continue their development with the Espoir team and also maintain their place in the first team.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Leilani Mitchell,
Laury Aulnette,
Krissy Badé,
Sarah Michel,
Johanne Gomis,
Olesia Malashenko,
Adja Konteh,
Marielle Amant,
Aija Putnina,
Pauline Akonga N’Simbo,
Juliana Mialoundama,
Olga Mazichenko,
Natacha Doppée
Marielle Amant (Bourges Basket)
Natacha Doppée (Point Chaud BC Sprimont, Belgium)
Johanne Gomis (Nantes-Rezé)
Olesia Malashenko (BC Chevakata, Russia)
Olga Mazichenko (medical replacement)
Sarah Michel (Nantes-Rezé)
Aija Putnina
Bruno Blier (coach)
Cécile Constanty (assistant coach)

Laury Aulnette
Pauline Akonga N’Simbo
Krissy Badé
Joyce Cousseins-Smith (Nantes-Rezé)
Nadezda Grishaeva (Sparta&K Moscow Region, Russsia)
Adja Konteh
Gabriela Marginean (Panathinaikos, Greece)
Juliana Mialoundama
Leilani Mitchell
Soana Lucet (University of Arizona)
Alexandra Tchangoue (Le Havre,LF2)

Thibaut Petit (coach)
Cécile Piccin (assistant coach)

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Basket Landes

Camille Aubert © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Camille Aubert (left) will be the only new player coming to the team this season. She is replacing Aminata Konate who has decided to move to another club.

Amélie Pochet who had suffered two serious injuries (ACL) and managed just four games in two seasons will be back also.

Dominique Lafargue who is the president of the club explained that Pochet's positive attitude during her rehabilitation and that despite not being able to play remained part of the team in a manner that he appreciated.

Sarah Ousfar the MVP from the U18 French cup final has been promoted to the first team.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Katarina Manic,
Aminata Konate,
Bineta Diouf,
Anaïs Le Gluher,
Julie Barennes,
Laurie Lapeyre,
Julia Borde,
Marion Laborde,
Amélie Pochet,
Jennifer Humphrey,
Tamera Young
Aminata Konate
Tamera Young
Katarina Manic
Camille Aubert (Toulouse)
Bineta Diouf
Anaïs Le Gluher
Julie Barennes
Laurie Lapeyre
Julia Borde
Marion Laborde
Amélie Pochet
Jennifer Humphrey
Sarah Ousfar

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Bourges Basket

Céline Dumerc © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Céline Dumerc will be returning after two years playing in Russia with UMMC Ekaterinburg. Hervé Bouty will be stepping down as assistant coach while Jérôme Authier will move into the latter role after four years with the Bourges Basketball Academy.

Pierre Vincent, the head coach for the last eight seasons, is not be returning to the bench at Bourges next season and will be replaced by Valérie Garnier.

Four players will be leaving this season: Ilona Burgrova, Anaël Lardy, Maja Miljkovic and Paoline Salagnac.

Kiesha Brown will be the second American on the roster for next season. She joins Marielle Amant and Christelle Diallo as the new faces at the club.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Anaël Lardy,
Maja Miljkovic,
Nwal-Endéné Miyem,,
Margaux Galliou Loko
Styliani Kaltsidou,
Jennifer Digbeu,
Cathy Joens,
Paoline Salagnac,
Emméline Ndongue,
Ilona Burgrova
Maja Miljkovic
Ilona Burgrova
Anaël Lardy (Challes-les-Eaux)
Paoline Salagnac (Tarbes)

Pierre Vincent (coach)

Marielle Amant (Arras)
Romane Bernies (Bourges Basket-Espoir>
Kiesha Brown
Christelle Diallo (CFBB-INSEP)
Jennifer Digbeu
Céline Dumerc (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
Cathy Joens
Margaux Galliou Loko
Styliani Kaltsidou
Nwal-Endéné Miyem
Emméline Ndongue

Valérie Garnier (coach-Toulouse)

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Clarisse Costaz © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Clarisse Costaz who turned 25 in February announced her retirement from professional basket. She has been playing in pain for a while now and has decided she cannot continue.

Costaz won gold at the U20 European Championship for Women in 2005 and also picked up a bronze medal in the last U21 FIBA World Championship for Women in 2007. She also played for the senior team four times.

Magali Lacroix, the eldest active basketball player in the LFB confirmed her departure after the elimination of Challes-les-Eaux from the LFB Championship play-off series against Tarbes. She will continue her career at Charleville-Mézières.

Roster 2011-2012 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Romy Bär,
Bianca Thomas,
Alexia Plagnard,
Sabrina Palie,
Mistie Bass
Magali Lacroix
Elodie Tadeuszak
Clarisse Costaz,
Manon Morel,
Lalya Sidide,
Jennifer Fleischer
Clarisse Costaz (retired - injury)
Jennifer Fleischer
Magali Lacroix (Charleville-Mézières)
Sabrina Palie
Bianca Thomas (Higher Education)

Danielle Nicole Page (ZTE NKK, Hungary)
Romy Bär
Mistie Bass
Sara Chevaugeon (CFBB-INSEP)
Anaël Lardy (Bourges Basket)
Manon Morel
Alexia Plagnard
Mélanie Plust (Nantes-Rezé)
Emilija Podrug (Nantes-Rezé)

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Kristen Mann © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Kristen Mann (in picture) was the first player in the LFB to officially announce her plans for the season 2011-2012. She will be staying in France but moving down south to play at Montpellier.

Amel Bouderra and Ekaterina Dimitrova will continue the LFB adventure with the club next season.

Assistant coach Frédéric Malherbe will be leaving Charleville after eight years. Six players that won the 2009-2010 NF1 championship moved up to the LFB with the club for this season. Most of those players will not be playing for this team next season.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Amel Bouderra,
Carine Contessi,
Bélinda M’Boma,
Sarra Ouerghi,
Alexia Kusion,
Ekaterina Dimitrova,
, Kristen Mann
Djéné Diawara,
Eléonore Grossemy,
Patrycja Gulak-Lipka,
Bojana Vulic
Bélinda M’Boma
Sarra Ouerghi (Lyon BF>
Alexia Kusion (Roche Vendée, LF2)
Kristen Mann (Lattes Montpellier)
Patrycja Gulak-Lipka
Bojana Vulic (left December 2010)

Frédéric Malherbe (assistant coach)

Valeriya Berezhynska (Mondeville)
Amel Bouderra
Djéné Diawara
Zoi Dimitrakou (Aix-en-Provence)
Ekaterina Dimitrova
Eléonore Grossemy
Magali Lacroix (Challes-les-Eaux)
Anne-Sophie Pagnier (Mondeville)
Yacine Séné (Charleville-Mézières)

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Union Hainaut Basket - Saint Amand

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Steffi Sorensen,
Emilie Duvivier,
Clémence Beikes,
Emilie Silbande-Petiteau,
Noémie Lemaire,
Céline Girard,
Laetitia Kamba,
Jasmon Covington,
Elsa Martins,
Alison Bales,
Amanda Jackson,
Lindsay Winston
Steffi Sorensen (left in December 2010)
Emilie Duvivier (COB Calais, LF2)
Noémie Lemaire
Céline Girard
Laetitia Kamba (Mondeville)
Jasmon Covington
Elsa Martins (Pleyber-Christ, LF2
Alison Bales
Amanda Jackson (short term contract)
Lindsay Winston (medical replacement)

Marie-Frédérique Aiyssi (SO Armentières, LF2)
Clémence Beikes
Amisha Carter (CCC Polkowice, Poland)
Ashley Houts
Stefanie Murphy (Boston College)
Emilie Silbande-Petiteau

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Maria  Stepanova and Edwige Lawson-Wade  © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Edwige Lawson-Wade's (in picture with Maria Stepanova) seven years of globe trotting has come to an end with her return to France and the LFB next season.

She left France after the 2003-2004 season and was playing in Russia, Israel and Spain. She also played in the WNBA.

The club has also signed Diandra Tchatchouang who is also returning to France after two years playing college hoops in the USA at Maryland.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Johanne Drozd,
Virginie Brémont,
Alicia Poto,
Iva Perovanovic,
Cyrielle Hughes,
Brittainey Raven,
Ana Lelas,
Gaëlle Skrela,
Sandra Dijon-Gérardin,
Fatimatou Sacko,
Raven Brittainey
Ashley Morris
Ines Ajanovic
Ines Ajanovic
Raven Brittainey (released November 2010)
Cyrielle Hughes
Ashley Morris (medical replacement)
Iva Perovanovic (CCC Polkowice, Poland)

Virginie Brémont
Sandra Dijon-Gérardin
Edwige Lawson-Wade (Ros Casares)
Ana Lelas
Kristen Mann (Charleville-Mézières)
Mathilde Roche (Lattes-Montpellier-Espoir)
Fatimatou Sacko
Stephany Skrba (Aris Thessaloniki, Greece)
Gaëlle Skrela
Diandra TchatChouang

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USO Mondeville

Lenae Williams and ValeriyaBerezhynska © womensbasketball-in-france.com

Lenae Williams and Valeriya Berezhynska (both in picture) will be playing at the Open LFB next season for different clubs. Berezhynska has signed with Charleville-Mézières while Williams and Aurélie Bonnan will join Nantes-Rezé.

Anne-Sophie Pagnier's departure has also been confirmed despite signing for two seasons. Pagnier is also going to Charleville-Mézières.

Esther Niamke-Moisan has announced to become a student-athlete in the USA.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Touty Gandega,
Anne-Sophie Pagnier,
Esther Niamké-Moisan,
Aija Brumermane,
K. B. Sharp,
Lenae Williams,
Yacine Séné;
Pauline Thizy,
Aurélie Bonnan,
Valeriya Berezhynska
Valeriya Berezhynska (Charleville-Mézières)
Aurélie Bonnan (Nantes-Rezé)
Esther Niamké-Moisan
Anne-Sophie Pagnier (Charleville-Mézières)
Yacine Séné (Charleville-Mézières)
Pauline Thizy (Perpignan, LF2)
Lenae Williams (Nantes-Rezé)

Naignouma Coulibaly (Pleyber-Christ, LF2)
Touty Gandega
Giedre Paugaite (VICI Aistes Kaunas)
Laetitia Kamba (Union Hainaut)
Kadidia Minte (Rennes, LF2) Marie-Bernadette M'Buyamba (Mondeville espoir)
K. B. Sharp
Eglė Šulčiūtė
Awa Sissoko (Mondeville espoir)
Ingrid Tanqueray (Villeneuve d'Ascq)
Margaux Touraud (Mondeville espoir)

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Joyce Cousseins-Smith © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Nantes-Rezé started the season with seven new players of which five were under the age of 22.

However they had a run of bad luck with injuries: Bernadette N’Goyisa's LFB season ended on the first day and she was replaced by Emilija Podrug.

Sonja Kireta was drafted in for Jenna Smith in January but then suffered a serious injury in February and was replaced by Lindsay Taylor.

Joyce Cousseins-Smith - (in picture) despite signing a three-year contract at the start of the 2010-2011 season - has confirmed she will not be returning.

The LFB roster for the new season will have more players with international experience.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Florine Basque,
Caroline Aubert,
Joyce Cousseins Smith,
Mélanie Plust,
Allison Hightower,
Yuliya Andreyeva,
Mame-Marie Sy-Diop,
Jenna Smith,
Sabine Niedola,
Bernadette N’Goyisa,
Morgane Eustache,
Emilija Podrug
Sonja Kireta,
Lindsay Taylor
Joyce Cousseins Smith (Arras)
Morgane Eustache (Saint-Etienne, NF1)
Sonja Kireta (medical replacement)
Mame-Marie Sy-Diop
Sabine Niedola
Mélanie Plust (Challes-les-Eaux)
Emilija Podrug (Challes-les-Eaux)
Jenna Smith (released in December 2010
Yuliya Andreyeva
Caroline Aubert
Florine Basque
Aurélie Bonnan (Mondeville)
Johanne Gomis (Arras)
Sarah Michell (Arras)
Bernadette N’Goyisa
Claire Stievenard (CFBB-INSEP)
Doriane Tahane
Lenae Williams (Mondeville)

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Isis Arrondo © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Alain Jardel has decided to retire at the end of the season and Pascal Pisan will return as head coach. He had been released of his duties after only five games during the 2007-2008 season.

Isis Arrondo (left) is one of four French players returning for another season at Tarbes.

However Pauline Lo (Jannault) is joining former Tarbes coach François Gomez in Perpignan next season in the second division (LF2).

Last season Tarbes brought in six new players and a coach, so massive changes in the LFB team roster is nothing new for them.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Jelena Dubljevic,
Erin Thorn,
Ivanka Matic,
Pauline Jannault-Lo,
Isis Arrondo
Naura El Gargati,
Florence Lepron,
Darline Nsoki,
Ana-Maria Cata Chitiga,
Vaida Sipaviciute,
Marija Eric,
Roneeka Hodges,
Biljana Pavicevic,
Brooke Smith
Jelena Dubljevic
Marija Eric (medical replacement)
Darline Nsoki
Pauline Lo (Perpignan, LF2)
Biljana Pavicevic (medical replacement)
Vaida Sipaviciute (released in December)
Erin Thorn (returned to USA in March)

Isis Arrondo
Ana-Maria Cata Chitiga
Ljubica Drljača
Naura El Gargati
Florence Lepron
Lauren Neaves (Aix-en-Provence)
Pauline Krawczyk (Lotus Gdynia)
Charlotte Preiss (Anglet, NF2)
Paoline Salagnac (Bourges Basket)

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Entente Sportive Basket Villeneuve d'Ascq Lille Métropole

Sabrine Bouzenna © womensbasketball-in-france.com   Kathy Wambe will be returning to France to continue her career playing basketball.

She will be the mentor to Sabrine Bouzenna (left) who joins the club from the CFBB.

Wambe who played for Villeneuve d'Ascq from 2002 until 2008. She moved to Union Hainaut Basket for one season 2008-2009 and has been in Italy for the last two years with Cras Basket.

Four players will be returning from last season LFB team roster: Elodie Bertal, Laurie Datchy, Emilie Gomis and Olayinka Sanni.

Anne Breitreiner and Jillian Robbins are the final pieces in the clubs jigsaw puzzle for the new season.

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Elodie Bertal,
Marjorie Carpréaux,
Laurie Datchy,
Emilie Gomis,
Adrijana Knezevic,
Bridgette Mitchell,
Carine Paul,
Fanny Ploegaerts,
Julie Page,
Olayinka Sannni,
Ingrid Tanqueray,
Carla Thomas
Marjorie Carpréaux
Adrijana Knezevic
Bridgette Mitchell (medical replacement)
Julie Page (released in January 2011)
Ingrid Tanqueray (Mondeville)
Carla Thomas
Elodie Bertal
Anne Breitreiner (Club Atletico Faenza, Italy)
Sabrina Bouzenna (CFBB-INSEP)
Carine Paul
Laurie Datchy
Emilie Gomis
Alice Nayo (CFBB-INSEP)
Jillian Robbins (Elitzur Rishon Le-Zion, Israel)
Olayinka Sanni
Kathy Wambe (Cras Basket, Italy).

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Lyon Basket Féminin

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Candyce Sellars,
Charline Servage,
Géraldine Bertal,
Julie Legoupil,
Marion Arfelis,
Charlotte Ducos,
Aurélie Carmona,
Leslie Ardon,
Lydia Karlefors,
Carole LeClair
Aurélie Carmona
Charlotte Ducos
Candyce Sellars
Lydia Karlefors
Carole LeClair

Leslie Ardon
Marion Arfelis
Géraldine Bertal
Julie Legoupil
Sarra Ouerghi (Charleville-Mézières)
Audrey Sauret-Gillespie (ASD Basket Parma, Italy)
Charline Servage
Christal Thomas

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Nice Cavigal Basket 06

Roster 2010-2011 Leavers Roster 2011-2012
Morgane Plestan,
Eléonore Luhaka,
Barbara Cousin,
Laura Dessus,
Swanne Gauthie,
Stéphanie Dubois,
Elodie Decker,
Fabienne Constant,
Guiday Mendy,
Majda Ghariani,
Jeanne Senghor-Sy

Barbara Cousin
Fabienne Constant
Jeanne Senghor-Sy

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