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Diandra Tchatchouang ends career in the USA

Diandra Tchatchouang  © Greg Fiume - Maryland Media Relations  Two years ago Diandra Tchatchouang was in all the basketball news in France with Allison Vernerey about their choice to continue playing basketball in the USA.

Both players made the ACC Freshman Rookie team after their season and were both included in the French senior team training roster for the 2010 World Championship.

Unfortunately both players picked up injuries during the summer with the French U20 programme and did not take part with the senior team.

Tchatchouang became one of the leaders for Maryland (Terps) this season and started all 32 games averaging almost 25 minutes per game for 8.7 points.

However the season ended in pain on 22 March 2011 during a second round NCAA game against Georgetown. Her game lasted less than four minutes when her left knee went.

The verdict was ACL.

Tchatchouang has decided that instead of accepting her being red shirted next season, that she will return to France and end her NCAA career.

2013 Freshman Class from France

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Picture credit:
Greg Fiume - Maryland Media Relations

Date created: 01 May 2011

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