Stories for day 6 from the youth international basketball festival in Skopje

U18 youth international basketball from Skopje, Macedonia

This page was updated during the day with live reports from the second hall. Due to internet communication problems, only some live reports were available from the top 8 games on Tuesday, 12 August in the first hall.

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Denmark beat the hosts to record second win
Scotland recording first victory
Ireland seeing off Finland
Easy win for Portugal
Bosnia won over England
Belgium remain unbeaten
Slovenia's winning streak continues

U18 youth international basketball semi-final places for Latvia and Greece

Latvia U18 2008 Latvia won a youth international basketball classic in overtime against Hungary (78-70). Hungary led for the first 38 minutes of regular time.

Latvia, trailing by 6 points going into the last quarter, had to dig deep to take the game into overtime (62-62).

Hungary, drained of energy, were not able to survive the extra five minutes and allowed Latvia, led by Anete Steinberga's 15 points, to outscore them 16-8.

In the second youth international basketball game, not covered live, Greece prevailed in a low scoring game (48-46) against Estonia.

Denmark beat the hosts to record second win

looking for the ball

Macedonia started (6-0) with steals and fast breaks, which required a time-out by the Danish coach. Afterwards Denmark went on a 10-2 run to take the lead.

The Macedonian head coach picked up a technical with 3min22 to play in the first period after a continuous conversation with the officials. Ida Preetzmann put in the free-throws to extend the Danish lead (18-9).

Macedonia appeared to have left their defence in the other venue. Hence they allowed Denmark to walk into the paint and score at will. They allowed their guests to go ahead (26-15) by the end of the first period.

Denmark continued to dominate and increased their advantage (43-19). When they dropped their intensity Macedonia reduced their deficit slightly before Mogens Thygesen, the Danish head coach, called for a time-out.

Denmark then went into the interval with a comfortable margin (47-28).

Defending hard in SkopjeDenmark continued to control the game and stretched their lead (57-38). Once again a drop in intensity allowed Macedonia to come back into the game. Jelena Antik hit a trey that sparked an 11-4 run that prompted the Danish staff to call for a time-out (45-62).

Then Denmark became more focused but Macedonia were on a run. So scoring became more difficult and the Danish advantage was reduced by the end of the third quarter (68-48).

Preetzmann appeared to set the nerves of her team mates with a quick basket to open the final quarter. But a trey moments later from Simona Janeveska from Macedonia unsettled them. Macedonia continued to press and while Denmark turned the ball over time and time again the gap reduced (62-72).

Things did not improve for the guests despite a time-out as Ana Tanurovska hit a trey (67-72) which resulted in a second time-out by Denmark.

EmilieHesseldel_1_1.jpgDenmark were forced to dig deep as the home fans became the sixth player on the court.

Emile Hesseldal (right) changed things for Denmark as she ripped the ball out of the hands of Andzelika Mitrasinovik to score. She was fouled in the process and also converted her free-throws.

Hesseldal was back to score again (80-73) to give her side some breathing space.

Macedonia ran out of ideas and time allowing Denmark to record their second victory of the tournament.

Preetzmann scored for Denmark 30 points, followed by Krogh with 15 points.

In double figures for Macedonia were Antik, Tanturovska and Janevska with 20, 19 and 16 points apiece.

Scotland recording first victory

Scottish Players after the matchBefore the start of the game the Scottish fans sang the "flower of Scotland", which appeared to have been appreciated by players from both sides. No time was wasted by both teams as they scored on their first attacks within the first 20 seconds of the game (2-2). Scotland were a little impatient at the start. Despite having complete control of the offensive board they could not score. However Annie Rowan was waiting behind the arc and when the ball reached her hand she fired the ball in (5- 4). Both sides played at pace end to end basketball but the ball refused to drop. Once again it was Rowan, free this time in the paint, to score for Scotland (9-6). Switzerland on the other hand switched to zone defence, which stopped their opponents for a while. The game went through a sticky patch with Scotland holding the advantage (13-8). Rebecca AllisonSwitzerland changed from zone to man to man. At the same moment Scotland went to have a court press. This change was exploited by Rebecca Allison (left) as she created space for either herself or Mairi Buchan to score as they went on a 12-5 run to finish the first period (25-13). Lisa Mazzochi, who had been quiet in the first period for Switzerland, caught Scotland on a fast break to open the scoring for her side right from the start. Scotland's difficulty started with Buchan picking up her third personal foul although she did not leave the game immediately. Yet she had to hold back in defence. No way throughBoth sides were using a lot of energy running up and down the court as the game lost shape. Switzerland profited to reduce their deficit as Scotland only had a trey to show for their efforts (20-28). A Scottish time-out did not change anything as they were punished for leaving Emilie Raboud open who hit a trey. Sarah O'Brien did respond with a trey for Scotland immediately. An unsportmanslike foul called on Kara Gilles did not help Scotland while Switzerland with Raboud and Marjana Marenkovic were further reducing the deficit (27-31). Allison hit Scotland's third trey of the period to close the scoring in the first half and allow Scotland to go into the break with a more comfortable margin (34-27). The second half started with a catalogue of misses for both sides before Nina Kane from Switzerland managed to get the ball from open play for Switzerland (31-35). Buchan returned to the game but was powerless to stop Kane from scoring again for Switzerland. Allison's precision from beyond the arc was enough to keep Scotland in control (38-33). Scotland hit two more shots from the land of many as Rowan and Allison fired in. Erin Mc Garrachan scored a rear two-point shot for Scotland between the three-pointers for her side to extend their lead (46-33). Scotland finished the period with their fourth trey of the quarter by Buchan to increase the gap (49-37) going into the final period. Scotland - SwitzerlandSwitzerland changed all systems and scored 7 quick points that forced Donna Finnie, the Scottish head coach, to call an early time-out as her side's lead was evaporating (49-45). The game was nicely poised with Scotand leading (51-47) with five minutes to play in regulation time. Scotland were to score after a patient build-up allowing Gillies to run along the baseline to score. Allison was next to score for Scotland from her favourite distance from beyond the arc. Raboud responded with a trey for Switzerland. But the tireless Allison was fouled on a drive to the basket and hence converted her free-throws (58-49). Switzerland had not abdicated yet and with the game in money-time everything was still possible (51-58). However they wasted their first opportunity to bring the score down with a 24-second clock violation. Scotland used the opportunity as Allison drew a foul and had two free shots from the charity stripes. Any hope for Switzerland to come back was ended as Allison again popped up in the box to score. Scotland went to register their first win of the tournament (65-56). Allison topped the scoring with 26 points including 4-of-5 from the land of many. Buchan finished on 14 points. For Switzerland Mazzocchi led the scoring with 13 points while Raboud and Milenkovic finished with 11 points apiece. MariBuchan_1_1.jpgMari Buchan explains that the preparation over the year has paid off after a tough start and they look forward to the remaining games.

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Ireland seeing off Finland

Ireland FinlandAfter five minutes of observation, with very little going on, Ireland led (8-3). Ireland were struggling to cope with the zone of Finland and turned the ball over for Kia Ignatius to punish them with simple baskets. The two teams were tight (12-12) after the first period.

The game was held up for almost 10 minutes for a referee change with Finland leading (17-16).

After the break Ireland were quickly into their stride and regained the advantage from the foul line: Christine O'Gorman remained cool and calm in the heat.

Ireland continued to dominate and had their 9-0 run interrupted by Ilpo Rantanen, the Finnish head coach (23-17). After the time-out the teams neutralised each other out with most of the points coming from the free-throw line.

Ireland went into the interval leading (28-22).

There was no change in the third period as both teams neutralised each other out. Finland scored the first 4 points of the quarter. Then they went scoreless for the next five minutes as Ireland scored 6 points to maintain their advantage (34-26).

Suvi Hakkarainen ended Finland's drought with a shot from down-town which sparked both sides into action. The baskets were flying in from all over the place during the last three minutes of the period with Ireland holding onto their lead (41-40).

Finland took the lead on the first attack of the final period and held the advantage as both sides traded basket for basket for the first five minutes of the final period (50-47).

Ireland FinlandIreland then stepped up and put in a special play that got them to the foul line on two occasions with O'Gorman and Sinead O'Reilly making no mistake. Claire Rockall also came up with a big three with a little over 90 seconds left to play (56-50).

Yet Ireland left Johanna Lemmetty open with 35 seconds left to play. She nailed a three-pointer. Afterwards she was left free again with 11 seconds to play. But her shot hit the ring leaving Ireland the luxury of going to the foul line.

Ireland went on to win (59-53).

Ireland top scorers were S O'Reilly with 12, Rockall with 14 and O' Gorman with 12 points.

For Finland in double figures were Ignatius with 12 and Titta Lepistö with 10 points.

Easy win for Portugal

During the first period Luxembourg had only one offensive option: Jil Haentges. She scored 10 of her team’s 16 points, which was not enough to hold off the more compact Portuguese team.

Michelle Bernardeco from Portugal hit a couple of three-pointers as her side took hold of the game after their (0-4) start. A 8-0 run put them in pole position.

Portugal - LuxembourgFurthermore they did not allow Luxembourg any changes from the perimeter to lead (23-16) at the end of the first period.

Portugal stretched their advantage beyond the 10-point mark (29-18) during a spell in which neither side was able to execute any offence.

The game picked up a bit towards the end of the period with Portugal going into the interval leading (35-24).

Portugal - LuxembourgLuxembourg were not able to reduce the gap despite having more of the ball in the third period (33-49). With Haentges not scoring any more they were short of ideas and inspiration. Hermann Paar used the period-ending break to draw up a new game plan.

Portugal failed to score in the first three minutes while Luxembourg managed just 1 point (34-49). Portugal eventually scored after six minutes as Mercy Goncalves hit a shot from beyond the arc to consolidate their advantage (52-35).

The game played itself out with Portugal going on a run at the end to win comfortably (61-39).

For Portugal in double digits were Maria Correia, Goncalves, Sofia Da Silva and Luiana Livulo with 13, 12, 12 and 10 points respectively.

Top scorer for Luxembourg was Haentges with 15 points.

Bosnia won over England

Anesa Hamsic listening to instructionsIrma Rahmanovic opened the scoring for Bosnia quickly followed by Anesa Hamsic (4-0).

Bosnia kept it tight and scored the first 13 points. England finally got off the mark after almost six minutes of play as Katrin Chiemeka hit a shot from down town.

Bosnia continued to keep it tight and hit England on the fast break to increase their advantage (20-5). By the end of the first period Bosnia’s was (22-7).

There was not much happening offensively in the second quarter with only 2 points scored for each side (25-9) during the first five minutes as both teams played solid defence.

Renee Johnson-AllenEngland started to come into the game and put together a 10-3 run sparked by Renee Johnson-Allen (left). Jadranka Savic, the Bosnian head coach was forced to call a time-out.

Hamsic put a temporary stop to England's charge with a baseline jumper. However Hannah Shaw finally found her jump shot and scored back-to-back baskets (25-30).

It was then the turn of Deirdre Hayes the English coach to call one last play. Unfortunately the last attempt failed to drop leaving Bosnia the advantage at the interval (30-25).
Bosnia profited for a mid-court unsportmanlike foul called on Julia Colley to extend their lead (35-27). However England managed to keep in striking defence as Bosnia also struggled offensively (37-34).England U18 - Bosnia

Bosnia continued to hold the advantage and despite a trey from Kelsey Bardsley for England. Aleksandra Stojanovic hit one back for Bosnia as they went into the final period leading (44-39).

A three-point contest started as England tied the match with a Charlotte Stoddard trey. England went in the lead briefly as Colley hit a shot from the land of many. However Irena Vrancic replied with a shot from down town to keep Bosnia in front (49-47).

England time-outThe next two minutes was end to end basketball with both teams taking difficult shots with Bosnia still holding the lead (55-50). England dropped their guard for a fraction of a second and Vrancic followed by Hamsic put Bosnia back in control (60-50).

Bosnia held on to win (66-52).

For Bosnia in double figures were Hamsic with 21, followed by Vrancic and Stojanovic with 15 and 12 points apiece.

England’s top scorer were Stoddart and Shaw with 12 and 11 points respectively.

Belgium remain unbeaten

Belgium U18 2008The lead changed four times in an explosive first quarter. Despite the efforts of Noémie Mayombo from Belgium with 11 points The Netherlands had the advantage (23-21) going into the second quarter.

Belgium's efforts to get back into the game was made more complicated as they picked up early fouls. That allowed the Dutch team free trips to the free-throw line (34-29) to consolidate their advantage after Natalie van den Adel's successful conversion.

Belgium finally found an opening and started to hit from behind the arc as they tied the game (37-37). Defence was the order of day in the last minute of this quarter. However The Netherlands were powerless to stop Mayombo as she fed the ball off to Anne Sophie Strubbe for Belgium to back in front in the last minute of the quarter.

The Netherlands U18 2008Kim Mestdagh was to score the last points of the quarter to take Belgium into the locker room leading (42-39).

After the drama of the first half Belgium stepped on the accelerator in the second half of the match. They went into the final period leading (63-53) before blowing their opponents away with a 20-6 run to to win (87-59).

For Belgium - despite both players fouling out - Miete Celus and Mayombo finished with 26 and 21 points respectively while Chatilla van Grinsven led the attack for The Netherlands with 15 points.

Slovenia's winning streak continues

Slovenia U18 2008In a rather technical first period Slovenia had the better of the scoring to open (5-0). By the time Nika Baric hit a shot from the land of many Slovenia appeared to be cruising (12-4).

However Pia Mankertz sounded the German revolt. Both sides exchanged baskets until the end of the first period with Slovenia leading (19-11).

The second quarter belonged to Germany as they had adopted a different defensive system. Slovenia had moved 11 points clear off a trey by Teja Oblak (26-15).

However up stepped Leonie Bleker from Germany as she pounded the Slovenian defence with 8 of her team's 11 points. This included her last 2 points, the period-ending buzzer beater, off the pass from Mankertz as Germany hit Slovenia 11-2 to close the first half (26-28).

German U18 playerGermany changed things and kept Slovenia quiet for some time while reducing their deficit (33-38). Slovenia’s system of hunting in packs makes it difficult for teams to defend against. First Oblak and then Baric hit from beyond the arc.

Then Oblak hit a couple of free-throws. Slovenia were on their way despite Mankertz hitting back from the land of many (45-36).

Slovenia finished with a 7-0 burst to go into the final period with a comfortable advantage (52-36).

The final period was a simple formality for Slovenia and the game ended as a contest after Baric hit another shot from the land of many (57-36).

Slovenia went on to win (50-78).

For Slovenia Baric (dishing out 8 assists) and Oblak were on 19 points each and Kerin was on 18 points.

Germany’s Mankertz had 15 and Bleker had 12 points.

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