Senior international basketball
Tournoi International d'Ain

The senior international basketball season for France starts with the Tournoi International d'Ain. This three-day tournament is the first step towards EuroBasket 2011 for Pierre Vincent.

The French training roster has been reduced to 14 players with the release of Anaël Lardy and Paoline Salagnac. Both players will remain on call for France in case of injury.

France will play Belgium first, a team they last met during EuroBasket Women 2007. Their second match will be against Israel and then they will conclude the tournament with a match against Greece.

Belgium have not qualified for the finals of Eurobasket Women and must play in the Additional Qualification Round (AQR). So this will be the last preparation tournament for Arvid Diels to get his players ready.

His squad of players are: Romina Ciappina, Stéphanie Dubuc, Emmanuella Mayombo ©  Noémie and Emmanuella Mayombo (right), Antonia Delaere, Miete Celus, Kim Mestdagh, Emma Meesseman, Sofie Hendrickx, Jaleesa Maes, Romina Ciappina and Lieselot Malfait.

Israel will be led by Shay Doron, Liron Cohen and Liad Suez Karni. The other players are: Meirav Dori, Noa Ganor, Shiran Zairy, Laine Selwyn, Nomi Kolodny, Bar Galinski, Ekaterina Abramzon, Katia Levitsky and Jennifer Fleischer.

The Greek roster is: Dimitra Kalentzou, Evdokia Stamati, Zoi Dimitrakou, Olga Chatzinikolaou, Styliani Kaltsidou, Evanthia Maltsi, Pelagia Papamichail, Thaleia Kasapoglou, Katerina Sotiriou, Emmanouela Androulaki, Anna Spiridopoulou and Artemis Spanou.

The tournament starts in Bellegarde and ends in Bourg-en-Bresse.

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Date created: 28 May 2011

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