EuroBasket Women 2013
French training roster

Pierre Vincent has named 26 players for his EuroBasket Women 2013 training roster. The 2013 training schedule remains the same as published on 14 December 2012 with the first camp starting on the 23 Aprill for players who are not involved in post-season play or the French Cup (Coupe de France).

Les Braqueuses, the French team from the 2012 Olympic games, are missing five Olympians for the 2013 EuroBasket Women training roster:

Clémence Beikes and Florence Lepron have retired while Elodie Godin announced earlier in the season that she would not play for France this year.

Marion Laborde who has missed practically all of the 2012-13 season with an injury and Jennifer Digbeu are also not included in the EuroBasket Women 2013 training roster.

Sarah Chevaugeon and Adja Konteh,

Seven players are joining the national senior women team for the first time: Valériane Ayayi, Sarah Chevaugeon, Adja Konteh (in picture above), Alexia Plagnard, Mélanie Plust, K. B. Sharp and Isabelle Strunc.  

"L’entraîneur de l’Equipe de France féminine, Pierre Vincent, a communiqué aujourd’hui une liste de 26 joueuses susceptibles d’être appelées pour participer à la préparation de l’EuroBasket Women 2013, qui aura lieu du 15 au 30 juin en France."

The full list is as follows / La composition de l’Équipe de France est la suivante:

Name Position Height (CM) Age Club
Marielle Amant Power Forward 1.90 23 Nantes-Rezé Basket
Valériane Ayayi Forward 1.84 18 Basket Landes
Ana-Maria Cat- Chitiga Center/Pivot 1.95 23 Lattes Montpellier
Sarah Chevaugeon Guard 1.75 20 Lyon BF
Héléna Ciak Center/Pivot 1.95 23 Perpignan Basket
Céline Dumerc Point Guard 1.69 30 Bourges Basket
Emilie Gomis Small Forward 1.80 29 Lattes Montpellier
Sandrine Gruda Center/Pivot 1.95 25 UMMC Ekaterinburg (RUS)
Laëtitia Kamba Power Forward 1.87 25 USO Mondeville
Adja Konteh Guard 1.78 21 Aix-en-Provence
Pauline Krawczyk Forward 1.83 28 Bourges Basket
Pauline Lo Forward 1.92 25 Perpignan Basket
Anaël Lardy Point Guard 1.70 25 USK Prague (CZE)
Edwige Lawson-Wade Point Guard 1.66 33 Lattes Montpellier
Hhadydia Minte Forward 1.87 22 USO Mondeville
Nwal-Endéné Miyem Power Forward 1.88 24 Bourges Basket
Emméline Ndongue Center/Pivot 1.92 29 Bourges Basket
Alexia Plagnard Point Guard 1.70 22 Lyon BF
Melanie Plust Guard 1.73 23 Lyon BF
Paoline Salagnac Guard 1.76 29 Tarbes
Kristen Brooke Sharp Point Guard 1.75 31 USO Mondeville
Gaelle Skrela Guard 1.77 30 LattesMontpellier
Isabelle Strunc Guard 1.80 22 Perpignan Basket
Ingrid Tanqueray Point Guard 1.66 24 USO Mondeville
Diandra Tchatchouang Forward 1.87 21 Perpignan Basket
Isabelle Yacoubou-Dehoui Center/Pivot 1.90 26 Sparta&K MR Vidnoje (RUS)

Update 10 April 2013: Amel Bouderra, Jessica Clémençon, Lorraine Lokoka, Maud Medenou and Alice Nayo have been added to the original list above.

Five games during the preparation will be broadcast live by Sports +, the media partners of the French Basketball team.

1: Two games against Italy (May 18 and May 19)

3: 30 May in Chalon-sur-Saône: France vs. Belarus

4: 31 May in Lyon: France vs. Lithuania

5: 01 June in Valence: France vs. Russia

Communiqué de Presse
Retrouvez les Braqueuses sur Sport +

SPORT+, la chaine sportive du groupe CANAL+, partenaire de la FFBB, diffusera 5 matches de la préparation de l’Equipe de France féminine. Un dispositif exceptionnel qui vous permettra de suivre le parcours des
Braqueuses avant de participer à l’Euro en France.

Ci-dessous la programmation :

France - Italie

Samedi 18 mai : France / Italie – Bourg-en-Bresse – 19h15
Dimanche 19 mai : France / Italie – Roanne – 18h00

Tournoi International

Jeudi 30 mai : France / Biélorussie – Chalon sur Saône – 19h00
Vendredi 31 mai : France / Lituanie – Villeurbanne – 20h45
Samedi 1 juin : France / Russie – Valence – 16h00

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Date created: 02 April 2013

Last update: 10 April 2012

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