2012 FIBA Europe U16
European Championship for Women

The 2012 FIBA Europe U16 European Championship for Women Division A is hosted by the Hungarian Basketball Federation for the first time since the creation of the divisions in 2005.

The U16 European Championships for Women were hosted twice by Hungary: 1980 and 1997.

The City of Miskolc which happens to be the third largest city in Hungary will host the 24th edition of this competition from 12 July until 22 July 2012 with the top 16 nations in this age group participating.

The Division B championship will be played in Tallinn, Estonia on the same dates for the 15 countries registered.

 Laura Cornelius Sara Crudo and Merlin Lammerink  © masbasket.com   FIBA Europe have made one important change this season: For the first time since 2005, the bottom three teams from Division A will be relegated to Division B for the following season.

This implies that in Division B, the losers of the semi-final still have a chance of gaining promotion by winning the third placed match.

This rule change also applies to U16 Men, U18 Men and Women and U20 Women. The U20 Men will be a 20-team competition in 2013. So there won't be any relegation this year but four teams gain promotion.

The competition format for both U16 Women divisions are as follows:

The teams are split into four groups of four teams. At the end of the preliminary round the top three teams per group move to the qualifying round.

Division A:
Group A: Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey
Group B: Greece, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Russia
Group C: Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France
Group D: Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain

Division B:
Group A: Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Ukraine
Group B: Denmark, Israel, Lithuania
Group C: Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania
Group D: Belarus, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia

In Division A the bottom four teams must play in a relegation group in which each team plays the other twice. The bottom three teams are relegated to Division B for the 2013 edition.

In Division B the bottom three teams from the group of four teams play in the 13th to 15th place Classification Round.

 Assistan Koné and Judith Sole  © masbasket.com  The second round, also known as the Qualifying Round, is the creation of two groups of six teams.

Groups A and B are merged to form Group E while Groups C and D become Group F.

In this round the teams cross over with each team playing the opposing preliminary group members once.

The top four teams from the two groups then qualify for the Final Round, also known as the final 8 or quarter-final. The remaining teams participate in the 9th to 12th place Classification Round.

The Final Round is basically a knock-out competition with the brackets determining the finishing order in each group.

The first team in each group plays the fourth team in the other group while the second placed team play the third placed one.

The losers from the quarter-final play off in the 5th to 8th place competition. The winners of the semi-final contest the final while the losers play in the third-place match.

For this edition womensbasketball-in-france.com will be covering the Division A tournament live from Miskolc from day 2 until the end of the competition.

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Date created: 9 July 2012

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