2013 EuroLeague Women will be
without Lattes Montpellier

The draw for the 2013 EuroLeague Women will take place in Germany on 6 July 2012. However as of 13 June 2012 no confirmation has been given which French clubs will be in the draw.

All that is known is Arras and Bourges Basket have fulfilled all the requirements from the French Basketball Federation to participate.

With the decision of Lattes Montpellier, the runners-up during the LFB regular season and in the LFB Championship play-off series, to play in the EuroCup and with the uncertainty of third placed Challes-les-Eaux' future it also appears that the Ligue Féminine de Basketball (LFB) have been offered a third place which has been given to USO Mondeville that were fourth in the regular season.

The management committee from Mondeville will make an official announcement about their decision in the next few days.

The 2013 edition of the EuroLeague competition is already without the defending champions from Spain Ros Casares.

The Spanish champions have had to withdraw from professional basketball and have released all the players under contract.

You can read the communique in French below from USO Mondeville.

USO Mondeville 2011-2012 team picture © womensbasketball-in-france.com

Mondeville en Euroleague ?

L’USO Mondeville Basket pourrait s’engager en EUROLEAGUE la saison prochaine pour 2012/2013.

Seulement trois places étaient accordées à la France pour cette compétition reine.

Les clubs qui s’étaient qualifiés sportivement sont :
- Bourges (Champion de France)
- Montpellier (Finaliste du Championnat de France)
- Arras (Vainqueur de la Coupe de France)

Pour autant, suite au refus de participer à cette compétition du club de Lattes Montpellier, une place revenait donc en jeu.

La Fédération Française a décidé de proposer cette place à l’USO Mondeville Basket.

Le staff et les dirigeants mondevillais sont favorables à l’engagement du club dans cette compétition. Pour autant, les dirigeants réservent la décision finale jusqu’à la fin de semaine.

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Date created: 13 June 2012

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