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Round 14 ends the regular season

The final round of games in the 2012 EuroLeague Women regular season did not generate much excitement due to the fact that the 14 teams qualified for the play-offs were determined in round 13.

The one highlight of the evening was the FIBA TV match between Fenerbahçe SK and Perfumerías Avenida because a defeat for Fenerbahçe SK would have seen them drop to second place in the ranking.

In Group C, Sparta&K Moscow Region beat Lattes Montpellier (72-71) to secure the group win. However the teams that finished in second and fourth place in the group are ranked above them.

Sparta&K Moscow Region are ranked sixth and will meet Russian rivals Nadezhda Orenburg in the play-off series. The complete eighth-final play-offs sets were determined by FIBA Europe.

The star of the final evening of league play was Eva Vitecková from ZVVK USK Prague who helped herself to 35 points as her team crushed Lotos Gdynia (102-66).

EuroLeague Women Group A - No risks with injuries this week

A number of players with slight knocks did not play this week as teams decided not to take too many risks.

UMMC Ekaterinburg had an easy road win (85-45) against Seat Unisze Györ. However the 19-point performance from Candace Parker and the balanced scoring from UMMC did not cover up the problems UMMC are having.

They missed Anete Jēkabsone-Zogota whose season is over with the confirmation of an ACL injury.

Galatasaray MP were beaten at home by Ros Casares (98-80) in the only match from the group that had a bearing on final rankings.

Maya Moore was on fire during the first quarter with 17 points. She finished with 28 points while Eshaya Murphy (Shay) added 20 points.

For Galatasaray Diana Taurasi led the way with 28 points while Tina Charles and Epifaniya Prints added 23 and 21 points apiece.

Eva Vitecková © ZVVK USK Prague had an easy victory (102-66) against Lotos Gdynia with 35 points coming from Eva Vitecková (in picture).

Bourges Basket also had an easy evening with a comfortable victory against VICI Aistes (78-49).

Group A - Final standings
# TeamPts
1. Ros Casares26
2. Galatasaray MP 25
3. UMMC Ekaterinburg 24
4. ZVVK USK Prague 22
5.Bourges Basket 21
6. Seat Unisze Györ 17
7. Lotos Gdynia 17
8. VICI Aistes 16

EuroLeague Women Group B - Fenerbahçe SK show off on FIBA TV

Group B - Final Standings
# TeamPts
1. Fenerbahçe SK22
2. Perfumerías Avenida 19
3. Nadezhda Orenburg 17
4. Beretta-Famila 16
5.CCC Polkowice 16
6. UNIQA-EuroLeasing 16
7. Tarbes 11
Fenerbahçe SK gave a display in the art of fast breaks no matter who was on the court. They overturned Perfumerías Avenida (86-64).

The damage was done in the first quarter with a 15-2 run to edge the first quarter.

Ivana Matovic finished with 20 points for the Turkish side, that will now face Montpellier in the play-off series.

Fenerbahçe SK are the only team from this season's EuroLeague Women to remain unbeaten.

ELW Logo © FIBA Europe CCC Polkowice dug themselves into a big hole by trailing (5-23) after the first quarter to Nadezhda Orenburg . However the energetic Sharnee Zoll ran her heart out to bring her side to within 3 points at the the start of the final quarter (47-50).

This was as close as the Russian side allowed the hosts to come back into the match as they finished with a flourish to win (71-58).

Katie Douglas and Oxana Zakalyuzhnaya finished with 19 and 16 points respectively in the road win.

Tarbes once again fell short and finish the EuroLeague season with a duck (0 victories) after losing (66-68) to Beretta-Famila. The Italian side did not play Cheryl Ford in this game.

Marie Pierre Taupin who is the assistant coach at Tarbes acts as head coach until the club nominates a new coach.

EuroLeague Women Group C - It is not about winning the group

Group C - Final Standings
#Team Pts
1.Sparta&K Moscow Region 25
2. Wisla Can-Pack24
3. Good Angels Kosice 23
4. Rivas Ecópolis 23
5. Lattes Montpellier 20
6.Cras Basket Taranto 20
7. Gospic Croatia19
8. Frisco Brno 15

The final rankings from Group C is a perfect illustration of why winning the group is not important in the qualification system used by FIBA Europe.

Sparta&K Moscow Region won the group with 11 wins and three defeats but find themselves ranked behind Wisla Can-Pack who finished second and behind Rivas Ecópolis who finished in fourth position.

Sparta&K Moscow Region achieved the group win by snatching the victory against Lattes Montpellier (72-71) with the last score of the game by Seimone Augustus (22 points) with eight seconds to play. Ana Lelas' end-of-game buzzer shot missed the target for Montpellier.

Edwige Lawson-Wade was again the top player for Montpellier with 19 points, 7 assists and 3 steals.

Cras Basket beat Rivas Ecópolis (68-65) in a match with nothing at stake for either team.

Whereas Wisla Can-Pack needed a big push from their fans to recover from a 5-point deficit in the final quarter to beat Gospic Croatia (74-71).

EuroLeague Women round 14 results

Lotos Gdynia 66-102 ZVVK USK Prague
Seat Unisze Gyor 45-85 UMMC Ekaterinburg
Ros Casares
98-80 Galatasaray MP
Bourges Basket 78-49 VICI Aistes

CCC Polkowice 58-71 Nadezhda Orenburg
Fenerbahce SK 86-64 Perfumerías Avenida
Beretta-Famila 68-66 Tarbes

Frisco Brno 57-79 Good Angels Kosice
Wisla Can-Pack
74-71 Gospic Croatia
Lattes Montpellier 71-72 Sparta&K Moscow Region
Cras Basket Taranto 68-65 Rivas Ecópolis

The complete EuroLeague Women ranking of all advancing teams is:

Win/Loss Points For Points Against Goal Average
1 B Fenerbahçe SK
8 8 0
1.000 640 540 1.185
2 A Ros Casares
8 7 1 0.875 600 489 1.227
3 C Wisla Can-Pack Krakow
8 6 2 0.750 538 494 1.089
4 C Rivas Ecópolis 8 5 3 0.625 571 548 1.042
5 A Galatasaray Medical Park
8 5 3 0.625 590 600 0.983
6 C Sparta&K Moscow Region
8 5 3 0.625 553 567 0.975
7 B Perfumerías Avenida
8 4 4 0.500 579 560 1.034
8 A UMMC Ekaterinburg
8 4 4 0.500 568 562 1.011
9 C Good Angels Kosice
8 3 5 0.375 518 528 0.981
10 B Beretta-Famila Schio
8 3 5 0.375 557 573 0.972
11 B Nadezhda Orenburg
8 3 5 0.375 543 573 0.984
12 A Bourges Basket
8 2 6 0.250 511 558 0.916
13 A ZVVZ USK Prague
8 2 6 0.250 526 586 0.898
14 B CCC Polkowice
8 2 6 0.250 546 619 0.882
15 CLattes Montpellier 8 1 7 0.125 538 581 0.926

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Date created: 02 February 2012

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FIBA Europe Player of the week

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EuroLeague Women - Final 8 Seeding
# Team Pts
1. Fenerbahçe SK 16
2. Ros Casares 14
3. Wisla Can-Pack 12
4. Rivas Ecópolis 10
5. Galatasaray MP 10
6. Sparta&K Moscow Region 10
7. Perfumerías Avenida 8
8. UMMC Ekaterinburg 8
9. Good Angels Kosice 6
10. Nadezhda Orenburg 6
11. Beretta-Famila 6
12. Bourges Basket 4
13. ZVVK USK Prague 4
14. CCC Polkowice 4
15. Lattes Montpellier 2