EuroLeague Women
Seedings and brackets confirmed

The new format of the EuroLeague Women just sees one round of play-offs games. However the final rankings from the group stage determine the bracket pairings for the play-off series and the two groups for the Final 8.

In the final ranking Galatasaray MP finished in fifth place and play in Group A during the Final 8 group phase.

The other 14 teams are ranked as follows:
(1) Fenerbahçe SK, (2) Ros Casares, (3) Wisla Can-Pack, (4) Rivas Ecópolis, (6) Sparta&K Moscow Region, (7) Perfumerías Avenida, (8) UMMC Ekaterinburg, (9) Good Angels Kosice, (10) Beretta-Famila, (11) Nadezhda Orenburg, (12) Bourges Basket, (13) ZVVK USK Prague, (14) CCC Polkowice, (15) Lattes Montpellier.

ELW Logo © FIBA Europe - Wojtek Figurski The play-off series is played under the rules of the "best of three", with the first team to win two games qualifying for the finals.

The first match in the series is played on the court of the lower ranked team. The higher ranked team hosts the remaining matches in the series.

FIBA Europe have assigned February 21, 24 and 29 as the dates for the games. It is possible due to television rights that games will be played on other dates.

The pairings for the play-off games are as follows:

Lattes Montpellier vs. Fenerbahçe SK
CCC Polkowice vs. Ros Casares
ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Wisla Can-Pack
Bourges Basket vs. Rivas Ecópolis
Nadezhda Orenburg vs. Sparta&K Moscow Region
Beretta-Famila vs. Perfumerías Avenida
Good Angels Kosice vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg

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Date created: 01 February 2012

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EuroLeague Women Logo ©

Season has come to an end - Looking ahead to 2013

2012 EuroLeague Women Final 8 Tournament Page

Where to watch EuroLeague Women basketball

Modification to competition format - 2011-2012

Play-off series MVP awards

Game 2: Penny Taylor (Fenerbahçe SK)
Game 1: Seimone Augustus (Sparta&K Moscow Region)

FIBA Europe Player of the week

Round 14: Eva Vitecková (Eva Vitecková)
Round 13: Edwige Lawson-Wade (Lattes Montpellier)
Round 12: Iva Ciglar (Seat Unisze Györ)
Round 11: Asjha Jones (Rivas Ecópolis)
Round 10: Lucia Kupcikova (Good Angels Kosice)
Round 9: Quanitra Hollingsworth (Seat Unisze Györ)
Round 8: Candice Dupree (Sparta&K Moscow Region)
Round 7: Angel McCoughtry (Fenerbahçe SK)
Round 6: Tina Charles (Galatasaray Medical Park) / Géraldine Robert (Lotos Gdynia)

Round 5: Erika De Souza (Perfumerías Avenida)
Round 4: Diana Taurasi (Galatasaray Medical Park)
Round 3: Dewanna Bonner (Perfumerías Avenida)
Round 2: Quanitra Hollingsworth (Seat Unisze Györ) and Ann Wauters (Ros Casares)

Round 1: Diana Taurasi (Galatasaray Medical Park)

EuroLeague Women - Final 8 Seeding
# Team Pts
1. Fenerbahçe SK 16
2. Ros Casares 14
3. Wisla Can-Pack 12
4. Rivas Ecópolis 10
5. Galatasaray MP 10
6. Sparta&K Moscow Region 10
7. Perfumerías Avenida 8
8. UMMC Ekaterinburg 8
9. Good Angels Kosice 6
10. Nadezhda Orenburg 6
11. Beretta-Famila 6
12. Bourges Basket 4
13. ZVVK USK Prague 4
14. CCC Polkowice 4
15. Lattes Montpellier 2