Summary of LFB team roster announcements from around the clubs

Aix-en-Provence (Pays d'Aix) made their LFB team roster announcement which you are able to read here. There have been no further announcements.

Marielle AmantASPTT Arras have not made any announcements but the team for next season is taking shape. Bruno Blier is staying as head coach and will have only three players from last season: Marielle Amant (right), Julie Barennes and Julie Bertin (right). Julie Bertin stays for another season

They will be joined by Stéphanie Beuzelin who is coming from Aix, Natalie Doma who is coming from Idaho State University and is currently on the roster of WNBA side Settle Storm.

Sarah Michel will be coming on lone from Saint-Amand-USVO for the season. Apart from Carla Thomas who has not made her plans public all the other players that were contracted to play with the club have signed contracts with other clubs in the LFB.

You will be able to find the Bourges Basket LFB roster information by clicking and scrolling down to the middle of the page.

Joyce Cousseins-Smith on her way to COB CalaisCOB Calais' status in the LFB has not been officially communicated. The only news about player movements is the departure of Lucie Bouthors to Reims and the signing of Joyce Cousseins-Smith (left).

Challes-les-Eaux basketball transfer information can also be found immediately after that of Bourges Basket on: by clicking here.

Sheana Mosch is staying in FranceLattes-Montpellier will have a sharp shooter, Sheana Mosch, (left) playing for them next season. Gunta is off to Spain

She joins three other newcomers to the club: Sylvie Gruszczynski, Khadijah Whitttington and Pauline Krawzyk. Elodie Bertal, Aurélie Bonnan and Gaëlle Skréla are confirmed to return, while nothing has been announced about Sandra Dijon.

Fans favourite Gunta Basko (right) will be playing in Spain next season, while Grace Daley is off to Russia.

Mondeville have announced the final piece to their jigsaw puzzle: Nyree Riberts. Otherwise there have been no changes since the first announcement at the beginning of May. Click here for more details .

Reims have not made any further announcements although they may have a new assistant coach next season. You will be able to find their roster information for next season here:

Isabelle Yacoubou-Dehoui stays for another year in TarbesTarbes have signed three players from Mourenx: Polina Tzekova, Béatrice Castets and Isis Arrondo.

They have also signed Ndeye Ndiaye and Swedish international Frida Eldebrink.

Isabelle Yacoubou-Dehoui (left) and Liz Moeggenberg are the only players coming back from the current LFB team roster.

You will be able to catch up on the basketball transfer news for Villeneuve d'Ascq next season here, while that for Saint-Amand–USVO can be found by clicking on on this link and then scrolling down the page.

The only addition to the Saint-Amand–USVO roster is Swedish international Chioma Nnamake who is currently playing with Atlanta in the WNBA and had just finished her NCAA college career with Georgia Tech.

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Date: 28 May 2008

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