Cathy Melain in the LFB basketball news again as Bourges Basket secured the regular season title

Bourges Basket’s performance in 2008-2009 has not often made the LFB basketball news headline in France because as they were expected to be among the title contenders from the start of the season.

Yet it was in a dramatic fashion that Bourges Basket finished up as regular season champions again as they regained control of the match with only 45 seconds left to play.

Cathy Melain, who is expected to retire at the end of the season, came up with a final-period performance that enabled Bourges Basket to outscore Tarbes to win the match and the title (63-60).

You can read a full match report after the summary section by scrolling down the page or clicking on the game report link.

The rest of the LFB basketball news from round 26

 Lattes-Montpellier 2008-2009 © Ligue Féminine de BasketBallMontpellier are back in the LFB championship play-off after securing 4th place with a big victory against Challes-les-Eaux (84-53).

Montpellier did the damage in the third period as they outscored their guests 24-7. Challes-les-Eaux has finished the season in 8th place.

This match can be viewed online on demand here.

Union Hainaut, despite losing at home to Villeneuve d’Ascq (45-48), will finish the season in fifth place. They had the same win loss record as Cob Calais, Aix-en-Provence and Challes-les-Eaux.

Cob Calais went down on the road (74-77) to USO Mondeville and as a result have finished in sixth place.

 Lenae Williams USO Mondeville 2008-2009 © Ligue Féminine de BasketBallMondeville and Calais will face each other in the first round of the LFB challenge round.

For Mondeville Lenae Williams (left) top scored with 22 points with 5-of-8 from beyond the arc.

However the match winner was Paoline Salagnac who secured the victory scoring the last 7 points of the game.

Aix-en-Provence squeezed past Basket Landes in the last 10 seconds of the game with K. B. Sharp scoring 3-of-4 free-throws to win (62-59).

This victory allows Aix to finish in 7th place.

Asptt Arras beat SJS Reims (67-61) and Clermont-Ferrand ended their season with a road victory against Nantes-Rezé (74-66).

Ligue Féminine de BasketBall 2009 play-offs brackets

  Club Points
1 Bourges Basket 51
2 Tarbes 50
3 Villeneuve d'Ascq 44
4 Lattes Montpellier 40
5 Union Hainaut 39
6 COB Calais 39
7 Aix-en-Provence 39
8 Challes-les-Eaux 39
9 Asptt Arras 37
10 SJS Reims 36
11 USO Mondeville 36
12 Basket Landes 35
13 Clermont-Ferrand 32
14 Nantes Rezé 28

The LFB championship play-off will be between the top 4 teams after the regular season. The series is a maximum of three games with the first team to win two games declared the winner.

Home advantage is given to the team placed higher during the regular season:

Bourges Basket (1) vs. Lattes-Montpellier (3)
Tarbes (2) vs Villeneuve d’Ascq (4)

The LFB challenge round is for teams that finished between fifth and 12th position.

The series are based on the aggregate score from the two-match series. The teams with the higher regular season place hosts the return game.

Basket Landes (12) vs. Hainaut (5)
Mondeville (11) vs. Calais (6)
Reims (10) vs. Aix (7)
Arras (9) vs. Challes-les-Eaux (8)

Tarbes allowed the title to go back to Bourges in the last 45 seconds

Tanisha Wright scored 31 points, collected 11 rebounds and dished out 3 assists. Yet she ended on the losing side as Bourges Basket won (63-60).

 Cathy Melain © Ligue Féminine de BasketBallThe veteran Cathy Melain turned the clock back in the final period. With less than 10 seconds left in the game she hit the final points of the game from the free-throw line after forcing Liz Moeggenberg into committing a foul.

Wright still had time for a drive to the basket but was fouled by Melain. On resumption the ball reached the hand of Moeggenberg who had no choice but to shoot as the game clock was on zero.

Her three-point attempt failed to hit the target and Bourges Basket retained their title.

The match itself lived up to its billing straight from the tip-off.

lsabelle Yacoubou-Dehoui picked up 2 fouls within the first 60 seconds of the match as she was drawn into fouls by Céline Dumerc and Nora Bujdoso.

She was forced to leave the game which appeared to be good for Bourges Basket, the hosts. However their joy was short lived as Wright kept Tarbes on the heals of their opponents.

5 consecutive points by Polina Tzekova brought the teams level (16-16) before Bourges edged the first period (20-18).

The second quarter was intense all through with both teams having spells of dominance.

Bourges increased their advantage to 7 points which prompted the return of Yacoubou-Dehoui to the game. Yet nothing changed and Melain increased the lead of Bourges to 11 points (36-25) with 14 minutes played.

  Tanish Wright scored 31 points but still losr © Tarbes BasketWright (in picture) managed to reduce the deficit to 6 points before Ana Lelas went on an 8-point scoring run.

This included a couple of free-throws for the hosts to go into the locker room leading (46-34).

Scoring was difficult for both sides during the third period as the game became more difficult.

Tarbes managed to reduce their defict by 7 points going into the final period (48-53).

Wright continued her show for Tarbes which allowed her team to get back on equal terms before Melain saved the day for Bourges.

Melain finshed the game with 13 points and 6 assists for Bourges while Emméline Ndongue led the team scoring with 14 points.

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Ligue Féminine de BasketBall
FIBA Europe
Tarbes Basketball

Date created: 16 April 2009

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