Maris Noviks talks about EuroBasket Women 2009

Maris Noviks © Maris Noviks is the media co-ordinator at EuroBasket Women 2009 and is a full-time member of the Latvian organising committee for the 2009 basketball Women European Championship. Noviks is also an expert on women's basketball and he gave us his impression on the quarter-finalists. He believes that the qualification of Russia, Spain, Belarus, Latvia and France came as no surprise. However he is not astonished by the qualification of the Slovak Republic. He said that they had an impressive coaching team. As for Italy, it was difficult in 2007. But this time they had made it. He is of the belief that Greece was the biggest surprise of the championship. They played with about six players for most of the games. But with Evanthia Maltsi playing so well anything was possible. Makis became hooked to women's basketball after his trip to EuroBasket Women 2005 in Turkey. He became adopted by the women's national team and was allowed to travel with the team in the official bus. You can listen in more detail about his thoughts on this tournament in the first part of the audio and how he became hooked to women’s basketball.

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11 May 2007 is a special day for him because Latvia won the rights to hold EuroBasket 2007. He was then approached in January 2009 to work as a media consultant for EuroBasket 2009.

His experience with on-line media and his coverage of basketball international events was recognised as an asset for media accreditation. However he was also involved in generating more publicity in Latvia.

He has been involved since the beginning in 2006 and has seen the project grow from a virtual one into one of the most popular websites in Latvia.

The website covers all sports and basketball has one of the biggest audience.

All this and more is covered in the second audio:

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Date: 16 June 2009

France win against Russia, while Belarus and Italy qualify for quarter-final

Spain down hosts, while Greece qualify for quarter-final

Belarus keep hope alive while Russia win again

Spain are the only team undefeated in Group E

France stay on track in beating Turkey (55-43)

Russia in quarter-final

France taken to the wire against Lithuania (57-55)

Spain and Latvia in quarter-final

France beat Israel (73-70) to end first phase unbeaten

Four teams go home

France need overtime to beat Belarus (63-61)

Five teams qualify for the next phase

France beat Italy (76-61)

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