U20 Youth international basketball qualification round comes to an end

 U20 Poster © FIBA EuropeFrance beat Latvia (75-65) as the youth international basketball qualification round comes to an end.

France inside present was too much for Latvia with Marielle Amant, Doriane Tahane and Ana Cata-Chitiga combining for 30 points and 23 rebounds while restricting the Latvian duo of Anete Steinberga and Liga Surkusa to 2 points and 4 rebounds.

France completed the preliminary round with a victory against (70-60) and then notched up qualification round victories against Lithuania (77-57) and Poland (65-76).

France will play Turkey in the quarter-final.

Spain have also maintained a perfect record with 6 wins.

They completed the first phase with a comfortable victory against Germany (80-44.

They showed no mercy to Bulgaria and (89-38), they then held off Italy (75-59).

Spain were given a much harder test by Serbia whà had to do with out the service of Sonja Petrovic in wining (88-74).

The quaurter-final pairing is as follows:

Spain vs. Poland

Russia vs. Germany

Serbia vs. Latvia

France vs. Turkey

Montenegro stay in Division A is already over after falling to Belarus (68-73) while Ukraine have assured top flight play next season after winning beating the Czech Republic (74-68) for the second win in the relegation group

France win again

France start with a win

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