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LFB TV is back again

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Webcast TV is becoming more and more popular in France. Most of the clubs in the Ligue Féminine de Basket (LFB) provide highlights from their matches in this format.

You can find LFB news and highlights at Daily Motion.

You find full Webcast games on demand from the LFB, FIBA Europe and any other free providers.

For highlight services from other TV service in France, the links are included in weekly reports during the season.

FIBA has a service that covers major championships called FIBA TV.

This service is not completely free. But upon registration you can view some highlights of major games for men's and women’s basketball.

Viewing archived games on womensbasketball-in-france.com is done by clicking on the match links on the page.

A message appears asking you to run a media application on your computer. After selecting the application the video will be loaded in a new tab or window on your computer.

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1. Basket and the City 5
2. EuroLeague Women qualification round
3. FIBA Europe Games
4. Ligue Féminine de Basket play-off games

Basket and the City 5 - Open LFB 2009

1. Calais 71-93 Mondeville

2. Basket Landes 65-73 Arras

3. Villeneuve d’Ascq 77-55 Armentières

4. Bourges 62-58 Toulouse

5. Pays d'Aix 77-90 Nantes Rezé

6. Challes-les-Eaux 73-70 Lattes-Montpellier

7. Tarbes 102-53 Limoges

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EuroLeague Women qualification round

16 December 2009: UMMC Ekaterinburg 82-70 Ros Casares

16 December 2009: Spartak Moscow Region 103-59 Fenerbahce

18 November 2009: Spartak Moscow Region 81-56 Tarbes

18 November 2009: UMMC Ekaterinburg 69-54 Galatasaray

28 October 2009: Spartak Moscow Region 91-71 Frisco Sika Brno

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FIBA Europe Games

20 October 2009: 2009 FIBA Europe SuperCup Final

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2010 LFB Play-offs

11 May 2010: Nantes-Rezé 84-67 Lattes Montpellier

24 April 2010: Bourges Basket 62-57 Arras

24 April 2010: Tarbes 69-62 USO Mondeville

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