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All the games from the Open LFB are part of the Webcast TV service provided by the Ligue Féminine de Basket (LFB).

The seven games from the 2010 Basket and the City are available to watch free at any time by clicking on the links below.

The LFB also has developed its own video news service with weekly highlights hosted by Daily Motion.

Due to contractual agreements we will not be able to provide this season the videos from the EuroLeague Women final four nor the EuroLeague Women all star game.

LFB TV  © womensbasketball-in-france.comHowever by registering with FIBA TV you will be able to view highlights for free. But to watch full games you will be required to pay a subscription fee.

Viewing archived games on womensbasketball-in-france.com is done by clicking on the match links on the page.

A message appears asking you to run a media application on your computer. After selecting the application the video will be loaded in a new tab or window on your computer.

This page is updated regularly during the season and appears in our RSS Feed to help you keep track. In order to subscribe to our RSS Feed please read: What is a RSS Feed?

You can move between sections by clicking on the links below or by scrolling down the page to select the game of interest.

1. Basket and the City 6
2. 2011 LFB Play-off games
3. EuroLeague Women 2010-2011

Basket and the City 6 - Open LFB 2010

17 October 2010: Bourges Basket win once more on opening day

17 October 2010: Basket Landes win at last on opening day

17 October 2010: Nantes-Rezé cruise to victory against Montpellier

16 October 2010: Tarbes was made to sweat it out

16 October 2010: Challes-les-Eaux just hold on to beat Arras

16 October 2010: Mondeville beat Calais again at the Open LFB

16 October 2010: Aix-en-Provence need overtime to beat Toulouse

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2011 LFB Play-off games

The LFB semi-final game two games played on April 24 has not be made available for free viewing. (Last Update 22 June 22, 2011)

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FIBA Europe EuroLeague Women

All the games have been removed from free viewing. In order to watch the games you need to register with FIBA TV first. You maybe required to pay as subscription first.

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