Basket Landes, the winners in the latest NF1 round of action

Anais Le Gluher in the middle in blue

This NF1 round belonged to Basket Landes and Anais Le Gluher (No:8 in picture). She scored 25 points as her team beat Limoges (75-51). Basket Landes have only lost three games at home in the last two seasons so the opponents’ task was always going to be difficult.

Limoges had won their last six games, started the match with confidence and took an early lead (8-6). Basket Landes eventually drew level at (13-13) and finished the first period leading (17-13). Then they held onto the lead for the rest of the match.

Basket Landes are now one game down on the leaders Nante Rezé and just require one win from their three remaining games to qualify for the play-offs.

In the game of this weekend, Dunkerque beat the leaders Nante-Rezé (72-67). The victory was decided on a lost possession 18 seconds from the end of the match.

Nantes had the better start and was leading (16-7) after eight minutes. Afterwards they allowed the home side space to hit a couple of three-pointers to close the game at the end of the first period (16-13).

Dace Brumermane Dace Brumermance (left)from Dunkerque became active in the second quarter. With the help of Sonia Alder, they drew level (23-23).

For the rest of the game neither side was able to open up a significant lead, exchanging basket for basket. Dunkerque went into the interval in front (31-30). By the end of the third period they had increased their advantage to (53-50).

The two teams were tied at (57-57) with five minutes remaining in the game and were still tied (67-67) with 18 seconds left to play. Nantes held the advantage as they had the possession of the ball. Unfortunately they did not run the clock down sufficiently enough before firing off their shot that was missed. Dunkerque made no mistake from the free-throw line. With this win Dunkerque move up to third with Nantes’s lead at the top reduced to one game.

Brumermance led the scoring with 21 points and was joined in double digits by Jéhanne Detry with 19 points. Babette M'Bah-Nerrière scored 20 points for Nantes.

Céline Lix
Céline Lix back after her baby is helping Pleyber-Christ

Armentières lost at home to Rennes (60-64). The match turned in favour of the visitors during five minutes of the second period. Rennes, trailing (14-23), went on a 15-0 run to take the lead (29-23).

Armentières were without Gaétane Merlot who was suspended. The side took a risk in bringing on Virginie Bremont into the game (who has a ankle injury and is on the sick list). She managed to bring her side to within 1 point of the guests during the third period. Rennes survived the storm and held on to win and move up to sixth place. Armentières dropped to fifth position.

Voiron controlled their encounter against Charleville-Mézières to win (73-65). Charleville had a poor day shooting. During the final period they lost their composure. Clarisse Mercier committed two unsportsmanlike fouls during the last 90 seconds. The first foul worked in her favour as Voiron missed the free-throws. Her second one resulted in her expulsion from the game. Charleville remain in third place.

Elsewhere in NF1 round 27 Racing Strasbourg beat La Roche (92-72) while Pleyber Christ crushed Nice (71-47). The CFBB team added to the misery of Julie Le Bris as they beat Lyon (70-61). Marseille beat Lot Garonne UST (67-65).

With the basketball news from the LFB about the possible disappearance of Saint Amand and the financial difficulties of Mourenx, it is possible that no clubs will be relegated from the LFB next season.

With Lot Garonne UST probably not playing in NF1 next season, this could mean that only the team finishing in bottom position in NF1 at the end of the season will be relegated.

NF1 Results from round 27

Dunkerque 72-67 Nantes-Rezé

Basket Landes 75-51 Limoges

Armentières 60-64 Rennes

Voiron 73-65 Charleville-Mézières

Strasbourg 92-72 La Roche-sur-Yon

Centre Fédéral 70-61 Lyon

Pleyber-Christ 71-47 Nice

Marseille 67-65 Le Temple-sur-Lot

NF1 classification /standing after 27 rounds

Club Points
1 Nantes Rezé 48
2 Basket Landes 47
3 Charleville 46
4 Dunkerque 45
5 Armentières 45
6 Rennes 41
7 Limoges 41
8 Lot Garonne UST 40
9 Nice 40
10 Strasbourg 40
11 La Roche 38
12 CFBB (INSEP) 38
13 Voiron 36
14 Lyon 35
13 Pleyber-Christ34
14 Marseille 34

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NF1 round 27 pictures courtesy of Basket Landes, FFBB and Ouest-France news agency

Date: 27 April 2008

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