Laure Ecard took centre stage in NF1 round 26

This week’s review of NF1 round 26 will only be a brief summary due to the events of last weekend which were shortly mentioned in last week’s review.

The Nice Cavigal Olympic U18 team were involved in a terrible accident last Sunday (6 April) on their return from a match against Montpellier.

The back tyre of their mini-bus burst which resulted in the vehicle hitting the crash barrier before coming to a halt in the middle of the road. The driver (Marie-Anne Quattrochi, the trainer) then managed to get all the players to safety in the safe zone on the right hand side of the road. Two other vehicles stopped and came to the aid of the team.

Everything was still under control until the final drama. Another vehicle ran into the stationary vehicles before finishing up in the safety zone where the players were assembled. Two people were killed in the action and nine people were injured.

Laure Ecard, a player from Nice Cavigal Olympic , was killed and the driver from the first vehicle that stopped to help. Three other players suffered serious injuries: Lola Dallimonti and Cécila Goffin are still in hospital while Marie Berthuel returned home on Friday.

This weekend - at all levels of basketball in France - will be a minute silence. Some of the youth teams, still in competition, will also honour Ecard with specially designed tee-shirts in her memory.

The rest of the news from NF1 round 26

Nantes Rezé did enough to beat Pleyber-Christ and are two games clear at the top with four games left to play. Lyon improved their chances of avoiding the drop with a hard fought victory against Basket Landes (60-51).

Charleville Mézières moved back into second place with a comfortable victory against La Roche (72-51). Whereas Armentières moved back into fourth place after holding off Lot et Garonne UST (Le Temple) (78-75).

Limoges won again and their victims this weekend were Dunkerque (70-62) dropping to fifth.

Voiron had little trouble in beating Marseille (93-73), while Rennes did enough to beat Strasbourg (75-70).

The president of Lot et Garonne UST announced during the week that his club will not play in NF1 next season . They can no longer finance a team and will drop down to a lower division. If this is the case then Pleyber-Christ and Marseille, mathematically relegated last weekend, are now back in the relegation battle.

In the final game of the weekend Nice beat the CFBB (75-65).

NF1 Results from round 26

Nice 75-65 CFBB (INSEP)

Lyon 60-51 Basket Landes

Limoges 70-62 Dunkerque

Nantes Rezé 69-59 Pleyber-Christ

Voiron 93-73 Marseille

Le Temple 75-78 Armentières

Rennes 75-70 Strasbourg

La Roche 51-72 Charleville

NF1 classification /standing after 26 rounds

Club Points
1 Nantes Rezé 47
2 Charleville 45
3 Basket Landes 45
4 Armentières 44
5 Dunkerque 43
6 Limoges 40
7 Lot Garonne UST 39
8Nice 39
9 Rennes 39
10 Strasbourg 38
11 La Roche 37
12 CFBB (INSEP) 36
13 Voiron 34
14 Lyon 34
13 Pleyber-Christ32
14 Marseille 32

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Date: 13 April 2008

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