Looking back at NF1 round 25

Basket Landes 2007-2008
NF1 round 25 comeback from Limoges ABC en Limousion

Pleyber-Christ were left with no option but to win their home tie against Limoges and raced out to a (18-7) lead by the end of the first period. Although the home side had more of Possession the ball in the second period they could only take a 15-point advantage into the interval (40-25).

Limoges then were all over the place during the first six minutes of the third period and allowed their hosts to stretch their lead (54-30).

Limoges, having won their last four matches, managed to reduce their deficit by the end of third quarter (56-39).

The guests continued to bring the score down in the final period. With six minutes remaining they only trailed by 9 points (58-67). They eventually drew level (72-72) and went briefly in front. Yet Pleyber-Christ tied the game (74-74) to take the match into overtime.

Limoges held out to take the match (81-79) to record their fifth consecutive victory. Unfortunately for Pleyber-Christ this defeat confirms their relegation.

Marseille beat La Roche (91-81). Like Pleyber-Christ they Marseille are also officially relegated.

Voiron and Lyon, the other clubs in the bottom four lost to Armentières (101-61) and to Dunkerque (62-55) respectively.

For the rest of the NF1 round news, Charleville were taken all the way against Rennes before imposing (71-67).

Kuki Radunovic was on fire for Racing Strasbourg as they beat Lot et Garonne (71-65), while the leader Rezé Nantes had no problems beating the CFBB (INSEP) (63-47).

Nice's defeat against Basket Landes (86-66) will be quickly forgotten. Tragedy hit the club this weekend when one member of their U18 team were killed in a car accident on their way back from their match against Montpellier.

NF1 Results from round 25

Centre Fédéral 43 - 67 Rezé Nantes

Dunkerque 62 - 55 Lyon

Basket Landes 86 - 66 Nice

Armentières 101 - 61 Etoile de Voiron

Strasbourg 71 - 64 Lot et Garonne UST

Charleville Mézières 71 - 68 Rennes Avenir

Stade Marseillais 91 - 81 Roche Vendée

Pleyber Christ 79 - 81 Limoges ABC

NF1 classification /standing after 25 rounds

Club Points
1 Nantes Rezé 45
2 Basket Landes 44
3 Charleville 43
4 Dunkerque 42
5 Armentières 41
6 Lot Garonne UST 38
7 Limoges 38
8Nice 37
9 Strasbourg 37
10 Rennes 37
11 La Roche 36
12 CFBB (INSEP) 35
13 Voiron 32
14 Lyon 32
13 Pleyber-Christ31
14 Marseille 31

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Pictures courtesy of Limoges ABC en Limousion

Date: 8 April 2008

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