NF1 basketball news looking at the teams in red leading the way

This week there is a slight change in format for the NF1 basketball news as we review the winners and losers so far. We also look at why two teams in red are currently setting the pace in the top amateur league for women playing basketball in France.

The Reds of La Roche sur Yon top NF1 basketball news despite handball

Roche Vendée are the current leaders of NF1, located in La Roche sur Yon. They confirmed their status as possible play-off candidates with a hard fought victory against Charleville Mézières (75-69).

Matthieu Chauvet © Matthieu Chauvet (left) who is used to the professional structure of the LFB during his time as assistant trainer at Challes-les-Eaux explained that life in NF1 is so different.

First of all his team only trains once a day in the evening after most of his players have returned from work.

Due to the fact that handball is also a major sport in the town his team only trains once a week in the hall that they play most of the home matches in.

The players have to train in two other locations as well. The same applies to home matches: at times due to handball matches they have to play in another hall, which will be the case in two weeks' time when they host Avenir de Rennes.

Roche Vendée players say thank you © For him the big change is seeing players taking their lunch break from work to come over to the hall and work on their shooting or other aspects of their game. Then they return to work before they come to training in the evening.

Chauvet also has a second function with the U18 team as he is also their coach. This was not part of his job description but due to force majeure he has taken this function up.

The Reds of Illkirch-Graffenstaden again in the NF1 basketball news

The other team that likes to play in red that are also setting the pace is Illkirch-Graffenstaden.

Philippe Breitenbucher © SIG Amateur At the beginning of the season their coach Philippe Breitenbucher said that they had not waited all these years to get into NF1 to return to NF2.

The club had prepared for the possibility of playing in NF1 a couple of seasons back by laying a new court and put all the infrastructure in place to conform to the rules of playing in this division.

The only risk the club has taken is that they have gone for youth. The injury of Caroline Nestor-Deininger is a big blow. But the SIG have managed to survive without her without having to look for a replacement.

Youth players will not always win matches and will have good days and bad days. Yet when you have players like Céline Schmitt-Sender and Audrey Koop in the team to counter-balance youthful exuberance then anything can happen.

Last weekend the SIG went to Toulouse and came away with a victory. Schmitt-Sender produced her best match of the season with 23 points and Koop came away with 4 assists as the seniors took centre stage for the first time this season.

The SIG take on Roche Vendée next weekend in the battle of the Reds. This will be an interesting match to watch for fans of amateur basketball.

NF1 basketball news on other winners

The other winners at the beginning of the season, although not playing in red, are Armentières who have only dropped one game this season and had a comfortable victory against the CFBB (78-51).

Limoges and Strasbourg ABC are the other teams that have only dropped a game this season and are amongst the winners during the first phase of the season.

Limoges had little trouble against Pleyber-Christ (89-69) while Strasbourg ABC were taken to overtime by Colomiers (83-80).

The losers at the start of the NF1 basketball season

It appears that Dunkerque have not recovered from their defeat against by Pleyber-Christ at the end of last season that deprived them from the play-offs.

They have been at the wrong end of many close games. The loss of Virginie Delépine with a thigh injury has not helped their present cause.

While things are looking bleak at the moment, Dunkerque have the resource to move out of the relegation zone.

Dunkerque lost again this weekend on the road to Ifs (60-64) and have won only one game this season.

Pleyber-Christ is the other loser. They have won only one match this season and have not been able to get anything going.

They are the only team in the league that plays the same system week in week out which makes it easy for their opponents.

They do not have the resources of Dunkerque but do have players that if used effectively could surprise their opponents.

The question everybody asks is if NF1 has become too difficult for the CFBB. They have won only one game this season and they are heavily reliant on two players.

The CFBB can not be relegated even if they do not win a single game. This season they have been hampered by injuries and a number of players returned late from the youth summer championships.

NF1 basketball news from the rest of the clubs

Toulouse lost at home for the first time this season, against the SIG. They are 3-3 for the season and are now in 7th place.

In the remaining games Voiron recorded their second victory of the season (91-84) against Rennes while US Laveyron poured more misery on Nice by winning (67-60).

There are six clubs with two wins: Rennes, Colomiers, Laveyron, Nice, Voiron and Ifs.

All the results from round six for the Nationale Féminine 1 are listed below:

Toulouse 67-72 llkirch-Graffenstaden

La Roche-sur-Yon 76-65 Charleville Mézières

Strasbourg 83-80 Colomiers

Limoges 89-69 Pleyber Christ

Ifs 64-60 Dunkerque

Laveyron 67-60 Nice

Armentières 78-51 CFBB

Voiron 91-82 Rennes

Basketball news from round 5

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NF1 Basketball picture credits:
Philippe Breitenbucher- SIG Amateur

Date: 19 October 2008

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