2011-2012 Ligue Féminine de Basketball
Flammes Carolo Basket

The honeymoon is over in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball for Charleville-Mézières. Only two players remain from the team that won promotion to the LFB in 2010.

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After a successful first season in the LFB the Flammes Carolo Basket Ardennes ASPTT (FCB), as they are known locally, have different ambitions for 2011-2012.

The club had to let go four of the players that were part of the team that won promotion to the elite:

Carine Contess (CSP Réze - NF1), Bélinda M’Boma (Limoges ABC), Sarra Ouerghi (SASP Lyon BF - LFB) and Alexia Kusion (Roches Vendée - LF2).

Frédéric Malherbe, the assistant coach for the last eight years, moved on. He is now the assistant coach at Le Poiré-sur-Vie in NF1.

In addition Kristen Mann left for Lattes Montpellier.

Bojana Vulic was replaced by Polish international Patrycja Gulak-Lipka after Christmas. Gulak-Lipka who played for Poland at EuroBasket Women 2011 was not offered a contract for the new season by the club.

Valeriya Berezhynska, Anne-Sophie Pagnier, Yene Séné, Magali Lacroix and Zoi Dimitrakou  ©  LFB

The new players coming all played in the LFB last season:

Valeriya Berezhynska, Anne-Sophie Pagnier and Yene Séné all played at USO Mondeville last season. Magali Lacroix comes from Challes-les-Eaux while Greek international Zoi Dimitrakou moved from Aix-en-Provence.

Amel Bouderra and Ekaterina Dimitrova are two of the four players returning from last season. The other two players are not available at the start of the season:

Eléonore Grossemy who injured her shoulder during the U19 FIBA World Championship for Women avoided surgery but has to continue with rehabilitation while Djéné Diawara is away with Mali preparing for AfroBasket.

The 2011-2012 LFB roster is:

Amel Bouderra, Anne-Sophie Pagnier, Zoi Dimitrakou, Coralie Desprez, Elodie Pélissou, Ekaterina Dimitrova, Magali Lacroix, Djéné Diawara, Yacine Sène, Eléonore Grossemy, Cassandra Vêtu and Valeriya Berezhynska.

L'effectif de Flammes Carolo Basket Ardennes ASPTT

Amel Bouderra, Ekaterina Dimitrov, DjeneDiawara and Eleonore Grossemy  ©  LFB

Les ambitions du club pour la seconde saison en Ligue Féminine de Basketball sont plus élevés. Seulement quatre joueuses restent:

Amel Bouderra et Ekaterina Dimitrova, pendant que Eléonore Grossemy est encore en réhabilitation car elle s'est blessée pendant sa participation au U19 FIBA World Championship for Women et Djéné Diawara est partie avec Mali pour l'AfroBasket.

L'entraîneur-assistant Frédéric Malherbe est parti pour Le Poiré-sur-Vie, NF1. Il est remplacé par Mike Gonsalves (entraîneur-assistant, Vichy). Le coach Romuald Yernaux a aussi un deuxième assistant, Julien Pincemin.

Les joueuses qui sont parties sont:

Carine Contessi (Rezé), Alexia Kusion (La Roche-sur-Yon), Sarra Ouerghi (Lyon), Kristen Mann (Montpellier), Bélinda M'Boma (Limoges) et Patrycja Gulak-Lipka.

Les nouvelles arrivées sont:

Magali Lacroix (Challes-les-Eaux), Anne-Sophie Pagnier (Mondeville), Yacine Sène (Mondeville), Valeriya Berezhynska (Mondeville) et Zoi Dimitrakou (Aix-en-Provence).

L'effectif pour cette saison est:

les meneuses: Amel Bouderra, Coralie Desprez, Cassandra Vêtu, les arrières-ailières: Ekaterina Dimitrova (internationale Bulgarie), Anne-Sophie Pagnier, Yacine Sène, Zoi Dimitrakou (internationale Grèce) et Elodie Pélissou, les intérieures: Djéné Diawara (internationale Male), Magali Lacroix, Valeriya Berezhynska (internationale Ukraine), Eléonore Grossemy,

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Date created: 18 September 2011

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