Not many changes to the LFB team roster at Challes-les-Eaux for 2009-2010

K. B. Sharp and Magali Lacroix will be the new additions to the LFB team roster 2009-2010 for Challes-les-Eaux. They will be coming in for the Australian international Carla Wilson and Dutch international Marlous Nieuwveen.

Two of the four players still under contract may leave the club if they wish: Mélanie Arnaud, Stéphanie Dubois, Emilie Duvivier and Aïda Fall.

Laina Badiane, Kirby Copeland, Martina Luptakova-Gyurcsi and Silvia Janostinova-Bedu have all had their contracts renewed.

 Aldo Corno new coach at Challes-les-Eaux © musicbasket.orgCorinne Bénintendi will be replaced as head coach by an Italian coach, Aldo Corno (right).

Corno who is well known in Italy for his success between 1984-1990 when he picked up 4 European Cup titles for women’s champions club (renamed EuroLeague Women in 1992) and 4 Italian championship titles with Vicenza.

He then went to Como and from 1991-2000 he won the Italian Championship 8 times. He also won many other domestic honours in Italy as well as the EuroLeague Women twice and the World Club side tournament.

He picked up two EuroCup women titles with Famila Schio between 2001 & 2002 and was coach of the Italian team in 178 games during various occasions between 1985 - 2004.

His last assignment as head coach was with Swiss side Riva Basket, a post he has held since February.

Aix-en-Provence make changes for 2009-2010

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Date created: 10 May 2009

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