Charde Houston is enjoying her basketball with Tarbes
All the LFB news from round 4

Tarbes 2009-2010 at the Open LFB © Romain Chaib

Charde Houston © TarbesBasket.comCharde Houston (right) has been in the LFB news each weekend for Tarbes because of her excellent shooting percentage.

She might be a little disappointed that she made just 50% of her shots this weekend against Montpellier.

But with 20 points and 7 rebounds she was still the leading player for Tarbes in their road victory against Montpellier (75-73).

Montpellier were aggressive from the start of the game and led (20-16) at the end of the first period.

Then they conceded 10 points in the second quarter to fall behind before putting a run together to lead at the interval (33-32).

Pauline Krawcyzk © LFBMontpellier with Pauline Krawcyzk (left) on fire dominated the third period and went into the final period with a 9-point lead (57-46).

Then Tarbes fought back with Houston scoring 8 and Frida Eledebrink 7 points in the final quarter.

Yet scores from Sandra Dijon-Gérardin and Alexia Plagnard kept the hosts in front (67-64) with just under four minutes to play.

Florence Lepron tied the game with a three-point play (2 +1) with just under two minutes to play.

Pauline Jannault with a shot from down-town put Tarbes in the lead for good (70-67) with the game in money-time.

The end was messy with Tarbes holding on to the advantage from the free-throw line despite the effort of Krawcyzk from beyond the arc.

Isabelle Yacoubou-Dehoui split a pair of free-throws with just under 18 seconds to play (75-72)for Tarbes. Dijon-Gérardin picked up the defensive rebound from the missed free-throw and Montpellier had one last chance to save the game.

Jannault decided to foul Gäelle Skrela instead of allowing a three-point shot opportunity for Montpellier.

Skrela scored the first free-throw but missed the second one with the hope that her team would get the offensive rebound.

Isis Arrondo © LFBHowever Houston read the situation better and collected the defensive rebound and the opportunity was gone for Montpellier .

For Tarbes Houston led the scoring with 20 points, Eldebrink fired in 15 points and Anne Breitreiner scored 13 points. Point guards Isis Arrondo (right) and Lepron dished out 7 and 5 assists respectively.

For Montpellier Krawcyzk scored 30 points while Khadijah Whittington scored 11 points. Dijon-Gérardin scored 8 points and picked up 12 rebounds.

Basketball news game summary Box Score

The rest of the basketball news from round 4

Mondeville waited until late in the final quarter before overcoming Toulouse (77-64).

Toulouse, playing at home, went into the final quarter leading (51-46). They stayed in front until Caroline Aubert hustled Leah Metcalf and won the ball to score with 4:30 left to play (57-58.

Mondeville stayed in front till the end of the game to remain unbeaten. Valeriya Berezhynska led the scoring for Mondeville with 19 points.

LFB news Box Score

At the moment nothing can stop Arras. They battered Aix-en-Provence (27-6) in the first quarter and then paced themselves to victory (75-46).

LFB news Box Score

Nantes registered their second victory of the season with a (72-66) victory against COB Calais.

Lauren Neaves © LFBNantes struggled for most of the game due to Lauren Neaves (16 points and 10 rebounds and right in picture).

In addition Neaves won the important battle in the paint and with excellent perimeter shooting from Anne-Sophie Pagnier (19 points) Calais went into the final quarter leading.

All the same Nantes took control of the game in the last seven minutes and went into the lead for good with a pair of free-throws form Camille Aubert.

While Lindsay Taylor and Neaves neutralised themselves by blocking each other, Kathleen MacLeod made several trips to the free-throw line for her team’s victory.

Taylor once again led the scoring for Nantes with 23 points. MacLeoad added 18 points and dished out 7 assists. Nantes-Réze’s captain Leslie Ardon had 6 assists.

LFB news Box Score

Limoges were trying their best but were no match for Villeneuve d’Ascq and lost (59-98).

Jolene Anderson opened the scoring with a three-pointer.

With less than 90 seconds on the clock, Villeneuve led (10-0) and unfortunately the game as a contest was already over.

Limoges fought back with Erica Davis but trailed (19-29) by the end of the first quarter and (34-54) by half time.

Anderson had one of those days in which everything was going in as villeneuve paced themselves to victory

Anderson led the scoring for Villeneuve with 21 points which included 4-of-6 from beyond the arc. She also had 3 steals and a couple of blocks for her evening work. Emilie Gomis fired in 18 points.

LFB news Box Score

Armentières, playing at home, matched their guests for the first 20 minutes and only trailed (30-32) at the interval.

Then they found it almost impossible to score after the break with Challes-les-Eaux scoring 10 unanswered points to take control of the game (44-32) after 28 minutes.

It was one-way traffic for Challes for the rest of the game as they ran out winners (79-44).

LFB news Box Score

Emméline Ndongue © LFBBourges Basket ended the negative series of two defeats with a comfortable home victory (76-42).

Bourges scored the first points of the game through Katarina Manic within the first minute, however they required almost five minutes to get going.

Emméline Ndongue got the Bourges basket machine going as they went on an (11-2) run to lead (14-3) with just under four minutes played.

Basket Landes managed to slow down the Bourges attack, while scoring a few points to trail (10-20) at the end of the first period.

Bourges basket stepped on the turbo during the second period and scored 25 straight points in less than four minutes (35-12) and then controlled the pace of game for the rest of the quarter to lead (50-20) at the interval.

Basket Landes were not able to reduce the deficit during the second half of the match and ended up losing at home (42-76).

Emméline Ndongue (above in picture) led the Bourges attack with 22 points and 10 rebounds. Greek international Styliani Kaltsidou fired in 16 points.

For the ladies from Basket Landes, Sabrina Reghaissïa led the way with 14 points.

LFB news Box Score

All the results from round 4

Arras 75-46 Aix-en-Provence

Limoges ABC 59-98 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Nantes-Rezé 72-66 COB Calais

Toulouse 64-77 USO Mondeville

SO Armentieres 44-79 Challes-les-Eaux

Lattes Montpellier 73-75 Tarbes

Basket Landes 42-76 Bourges Basket

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Week three: Arras took down Bourges in overtime

LFB news picture credits:
Romain Chaib
Ligue Féminine de BasketBall (LFB)

Date: 18 October 2009

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