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 Tarbes celebrating after beating Bourges Basket  © Alain Bouchard

The 21st round of the LFB started on the 17 February with Tarbes beating Bourges Basket (66-58). This victory gives Tarbes a two-game advantage over Bourges in the race for the regular season prize of a place in the EuroLeague Women next season.

Villeneuve d'Ascq went 9-of-19 from behind the arc in the (84-61) victory against Arras.

Elodie Bertal led the attack with 25 points. Lady Comfort, despite early foul problems, finished with a double-double of 19 points and 13 rebounds in the victory.

Elsewhere in the LFB the matches went to the guests with Lattes Montpellier beating Aix-en-Provence (73-58) and Basket Landes getting past Limoges (79-65).

Mondeville were forced to work hard in overcoming Armentières (72-67) while COB Calais may have ended the play-off ambitions of Challes-les-Eaux (72-67).

Nantes-Rezé ended the weekend with a comfortable victory (85-65) against Toulouse.

You can read highlights of the LFB basketball news from the weekend actions by clicking on the links below or by scrolling down the page:

Villeneuve got the victory they wanted

Limoges fell to Basket Landes

The news from Saturday

Nantes-Rezé win again

Match results and statistics

Villeneuve got the victory they wanted

Arras got off to a flying start and led (12-5) after four minutes. This resulted in Abdou N'Diaye calling for a time-out.

Lady Comfort looking for a way round Marielle Amant  © Sébastien DarnauxLady Comfort (left) then went on a demolition act with 6 consecutive points in Villeneuve's 12-0 run to lead (17-12) after eight minutes.

Leilani Mitchell came to the rescue of Arras with the last 5 points of the first quarter to level the score (19-19).

Jolene Anderson (7 assists) who missed the second half of the game last week with a stomach bug and Emilie Gomis connected with shots from beyond the arc in the first minute of the second quarter (25-21).

The pendulum swung in favour of Arras with Johanne Gomis (13 points) hitting 7 points for her side to move in front (30-27).

Arras led by as many as 8 points (43-35) but were unable to add any more points during a stop-and-go final minute.

Comfort (19 points and 13 rebounds) picked up her 3rd foul of the match with about four seconds to play on Ndeye N'Diaye.

N'Diaye missed her free-throws. Comfort took the rebound and fed the ball to Gomis who went racing down the court. She fired off a three-point buzzer beater to the delight of the home fans (38-43).

Villeneuve were quickly into their stride after the break with 9 unanswered points with less than two minutes played to regain the lead (47-43).

Bruno Blier, the coach from Arras, called an immediate time-out.

However nothing changed for his side because Gomis continued her show with her 4th trey of the match as Villeneuve (52-45) increased their advantage.

Arras did not panic. With Mitchell (14 points) and Marielle Amant (13 points) in particular reduced the deficit to 2 points (52-54) after 28 minutes.

Gomis continued her festival and Elodie Bertal made sure that Villeneuve went into the final quarter ahead (58-52).

Gomis (23 points) and Bertal (25 points) continued their festival as Villenueve moved 10 points clear (66-56) with six minutes left to play.

Arras were on the back foot and did not get better with Gomis picking up an intentional foul on her namesake "Miss Go".

Gomis hit the 2 free-throws. On the next play Bertal added 2 more points for a 15-point lead with five minutes to play.

Pauline Akonga-Nsimbo © Sébastien DarnauxThe traditional Arras comeback did not happen in this game. Villeneuve finished with a flourish of three-pointers to win (84-61).

In the race for the LFB championship play-offs, Villeneuve now have a better aggregate against Arras and will finish ahead of them if both teams finish the season with identical records.

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Limoges fell short again

This LFB game was the first game played at the "Palais des sports de Beaublanc" arena in Limoges, followed by the men's match.

The idea was part of a promotion campaign for basketball. However with the women's game played at 17:00, the turnout was disappointing with less than a quarter of places filled at the tip-off.

Sabrina Reghaissïa was the only player missing from Basket Landes. She had to serve a one-match suspension due to the number of technical fouls she had received this season.

For the occasion both teams appeared to raise their game, so it was enjoyable to watch.

After a tight first quarter (20-20) Basket Landes were able to push ahead to go into the interval (44-37).

Within the first minute after the break Basket Landes stretched their advantage to 10 points (47-37) after 2 points from Aminata Konate (15 points).

Julie Barennes  © Olivier SaareJulie Barennes (In picture - 13 points) and Aja Parham (15 points) made sure that Basket Landes maintained their advantage going into the final quarter (64-55).

Erica Davis (11 points), Awa Gueye (17 points) and Aikaterina Spatharou (13 points and 6 assists) did all they could in the final quarter to bring Limoges back into the game.

But they had nothing in their armoury to stop Marion Laborde (14 points) and co. from Basket Landes.

Basket Landes went on to win the game (79-65) and are now six games clear of Limoges with six games to play.

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What happened elsewhere on Saturday

COB Calais have lost so many LFB games in the final quarter this season. With the victory against Challes-les-Eaux at the buzzer the leap for joy from Cyril Sicsic was understandable.

Jennifer Humphrey  © Alain ChristyChalles-les-Eaux went into the final quarter leading (54-52). Calais had to wait until the 33rd minute to take the advantage with a three-pointer by Anne-Sophie Pagnier (60-58).

The following five minutes belonged to Jennifer Humphrey (right) who scored all 8 points for Calais to take hold of the game (68-60).

However Challes came storming back and with 30 seconds left to play they trailed by a single point.

Humphrey fired in her 25th point with 12 seconds to play. With Aurélie Cibert scoring from the charity stripes, the victory (72-67) was secured.

Aija Putnina   © Ligue Féminine de BasketballMondeville had to wait until the third quarter of their game against Armentières to take control of the game.

Valeriya Berezhynska (18 points) and Lenae Williams (16 points) combined for 9 points to put things on track. By the time Temeka Johnson joined in with assist after assist, Mondeville went into the final quarter leading (56-47).

Mondeville survived the onslaught of Armentières to win (73-62) with Aija Putnina (left) scoring 16 points.

Marie-Frédérique Ayissi led the attack for the guests with 21 points.

It took an 11-0 run at the start of the second quarter by Montpellier to kill off the hope of Aix-en-Provence.

Aix, playing at home, did well in the first quarter and finished level (19-19) after 10 minutes, with 9 points coming from Tiffany Stansbury (19 points). However they went into the locker room trailing (25-40).

The two teams traded baskets for the rest of the game with Montpellier never under any threat of losing the game.

Gäelle Skrela led the Montpellier attack with 17 points. Yet the player of the match was Sandra Dijon-Gérardin with 16 points and 11 rebounds.

Natasa Ivancevic was the best player for Aix with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

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Nantes-Rezé showed two sides

Lindsay Taylor   © Ligue Féminine de BasketballNantes-Rezé, the hosts, dominated the first 20 minutes of their game against Toulouse and led (51-30) at the interval.

The second half was more complicated for them as Toulouse came out on top (35-34).

Despite the (85-65) victory Laurent Buffard, the coach from Nantes-Rezé, explained that they had been playing well for twenty minutes but they should have played well for the full forty minutes.

Nantes-Rezé went 11-of-21 from behind the arc. They were led by Lindsay Taylor (above right) with 22 points and 10 rebounds.

Nantes are currently in fourth place in the LFB standings.

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LFB round 20 results

Villeneuve d'Ascq 84-61 Arras

Limoges 65-79 Basket Landes

COB Calais 72-67 Challes-les-Eaux

Tarbes 66-58 Bourges

Nantes Rezé 85-65 Toulouse

Mondeville 73-62 Armentières

Aix-en-Provence 58-73 Lattes Montpellier

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Tarbes, Bourges, Arras, Nantes-Rezé and Villeneuve d'Ascq all won

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LFB Basketball news picture credits:

Alain Bouchard @ tarbesinfor.
Olivier Saare @ Basquetebol.org
Sébastien Darnaux @ La Viox de Nord
Alain Christy
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