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Tough time ahead for Clémence Beikes

Clémence Beikes who missed the start of the 2011-2012 LFB season is out of action again. According to various basketball news media outlets in France she should undergo arthroscopic surgery on 22 November 2011.

Beikes who is a French international and also this season's captain of Saint Amand Hainaut Basket in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball has already been plagued with injuries.

She had to sit out the opening games of the season while undergoing physiotherapy on her knee which prevented her from playing.

It was not clear if the pain she was suffering had actually gone but during the EuroCup Women match against the Flying Foxes from Austria, she was hurt in the same knee.

Clémence Beikes ©  womensbasketball-in-france.com Her doctors decided it would be better for her to undergo an arthroscopy instead of waiting six weeks with more physiotherapy. The date for her operation has been fixed for the 22 November 2011.

This means that Beikes will not be playing basketball for a period of at least three months.

Beikes who played for France during the FIBA World Championship in 2010 and picked up a bronze medal during EuroBasket Women 2011 is on the list of players that will be hoping to play for France during the Olympic Qualifying tournament in 2012.

An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage of the interior of a joint is performed using an arthroscope.

Beikes took part in our series of women playing basketball at Hainaut Basket in 2009.

We at womensbasketball-in-france.com wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

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Date created: 12 November 2011

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