Emma Meesseman is 2011 FIBA Europe
young player of the year

Emma Meesseman is the first player from Belgium to receive a FIBA Europe Player of the Year award in any category. The 18-year old international pipped Queralt Casas from Spain for the title.

2010 Young Player of the Year Nika Baric finished in third place.

Meesseman has been in the international limelight since 2008 when she first played for Belgium at U16 level.

In 2008 Belgium U16 won fifth place and Meesseman finished the tournament with a field shot percentage of almost 61%. She was also in the top 20 in all other statistics with the exception of 3-point shooting.

She did not make the all-tournament team but Belgium picked up the fair play award.

In 2009 Meesseman played once again at the U16 Championship, where Belgium won the silver medal and she picked up the MVP title and more importantly Belgium qualified for the first ever U17 FIBA World Championship for Women.

This success and her performance let to the birth of the Meesseman mania. In 2010 Belgium finished fourth at the U17 World Championship and she picked up the Belgium young player of the year award.

Emma Meesseman  ©  FIBA Europe In 2011 Belgium won the U18 European Championship and she received her second European Championship MVP award. Prior to this competition she played with the senior team during the EuroBasket Women 2011 qualification tournament.

Meesseman added a new page of history to Belgium basketball by winning the 2011 Belgium Player of the Year award. Her mother had won the same award back in 1984.

She also picked up a share of the 2011 Basketfeminin.com player of the year award with Sara Leemans.

Basketfeminin awards are based on votes from players, coaches and managers of clubs in Belgium.

Since 201O-2011 season the Lotto Young Cats were involved in the EuroCup Women competition and statically wise Meesseman was the leader of the team.


Emma Meesseman6581Emma Meesseman1940.12241
Queralt Casas17778Queralt Casas1660.11844
Nika Baric9612Nika Baric1330.09069
Olesia Malashenko4990Olesia Malashenko1300.08367
Farhiya Abdi10450Farhiya Abdi1120.07902
Sara Krnjic6660Sara Krnjic1170.07775
Anastasia Shilova10943Anastasia Shilova900.06637
Astou Ndour7026Astou Ndour930.06376
Artemis Spanou7692Artemis Spanou920.06391
Hind Ben Abdelkader6939Hind Ben Abdelkader540.04024

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FIBA Europe

Date created: 06 February 2012

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