Basketball news: Basket Landes got first win in 2010

Marion Laborde  © LFB The good basketball news for Basket Landes is that Aja Parham's injury is not as serious as first feared. According to the reports she should be back in action before the end of the month.

Basket Landes ended the contract with Ana Perovic in December. But they welcomed back the club captain Marion Laborde (left) after her rehabilitation to the starting line-up. In addition the ankle from Anaïs Le Gluher is much better.

Lucie Cascailh who is a member of the first team was the other player absent for this match. She is away on a school trip.

For Montpellier, Khadijah Whittington is still out and Mandisa Stevenson remains at the club as her replacement.

The is the last game from round 15 which was played during the weekend of 9-10 January 2010.

Basketball news: Basket Landes can smile at last

Bineta Diouf © Michel Plassin Basket Landes's first 5 points came from the free-throw line with Aminata Konate and Sabrina Reghaissïa going perfect while Marion Laborde split a pair as they took an early lead (5-4).

Montpellier were having difficulty with the pace of Basket Landes. They continued to send Basket Landes to the free-throw line.

Bineta Diouf (left) made two trips and went 3-of-4. This was followed with her side's first points from open play with a trey by Julie Barennes (11-5).

The coach from Montpellier, Valéry Demory, called for his first time-out after six minutes. He needed to find a solution for his players' defensive problems.

Montpellier played better after the time-out and ended the quarter on a high with a trey by Mandisa Stevenson.

Basket Landes' success from the charity stripes with 10-from-13 enabled them to edge the first quarter (19-12).

Laborde opened the second quarter with a trey for the hosts. However they left Dana Boonen free with a simple basket for Montpellier.

Diof restored the 10-point lead with 2 more points from the free-throw line (24-14).

Montpellier had no choice but to step up and play more aggressively. Pauline Krawczyk started to score, while Sandra Dijon-Géradin patrolled the defensive paint.

Montpellier's pressure paid off when Constance Jinks levelled the score with a three-pointer (31-31) with just over 17 minutes played.

There was not much scoring during the last three minutes leading up to the break. Basket Landes were able to gain the advantage through Reghaissïa (14 points) scoring 3-from-4 from the free-throw line (36-33).

Basket Landes scored a total of 17 points during the first 20 minutes from the foul-line, while Montpellier were 6-of-7 from the same exercise.

Konate was everywhere at the start of the third period. She scored, added an assist as Basket Landes went 8 points clear (41-33) with just two minutes played in the quarter.

When Reghaissïa was called for a technical Basket Landes lost their concentration for a while. So Jinks took full advantage to hit a shot from the land of many.

Diouf's energy helped the hosts to pick up the game. Her back to back baskets swung the pendulum back in their favour (48-39).

Bineta Diouf © Michel Plassin A trey by Ekaterina Dimitrova (right in white) got the home fans on their feet as the their team were once again 10 points clear (51-41) with three minutes left to play in the quarter.

Montpellier became more aggressive defensively while finding offensive solutions to reduce the deficit to 4 points (49-53) going into the final quarter.

Sylvie Gruszczynski (right in blue) was the catalyst for Montpellier at the start of the final quarter with the first 4 points to tie the game (53-53). Jinks then put Montpellier in the lead before Gruszczynski completed the 8-0 run.

Laborde (12 points) fired her third three-pointer of the game to open the account for the hosts after four minutes in the quarter. But a trey by Krawczyk (17 points) quickly silenced the home supporters.

Boonen picked up her 5th foul with three minutes to play and was replaced by Stevenson.

With the game in money-time, Montpellier led (62-59). Yet the game was tied by Anaïs Le Gluher with a trey with 90 seconds remaining.

Le Gluher's next action was to put the hosts in the lead from the free-throw line with a minute to play (64-62). Then Montpellier were back on level term through Gruszczynski (11 points).

The game came to its climax in the last 30 seconds: First Diouf put the hosts in the lead (66-64). Then a few seconds later she was involved in the turning point of the match.

She stole the ball of Jinks, who tried to recover the ball and was called for an intentional foul (unsportsmanlike foul).

Jinks (16 points) was not too pleased with the call and made her feeling known. She was then ejected from the game.

This resulted in 4 free-throws for the hosts, of which Diouf scored the first two and Le Gluher (13 points) split the pair.

With just 10 seconds left to play Montpellier had no chance of saving the game.

Basket Landes' victory (71-65) is the first one for the team in 2010.

Diouf was the player of the match with 17 points and 17 rebounds.

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Michel Plassin

Date created: 07 February 2010

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