Basketball news:
Bernard Lavergne passes away

Bernard Lavergne © SJS Reims Reims BF have been in the basketball news for their efforts in LF2 this season. But on Sunday their success was overshadowed by the death of their President Bernard Lavergne after a brief illness.

The President had collapsed a week ago and never really recovered.

Lavergne had been the President of the club (SJS Reims and Reims BF) since 2004.

He had played basketball for his home town club Gaillac, Toulouse before moving to Reims.

He continued to play basketball for Reims UC while learning the trade of coaching. On ending his playing career he became a coach and got into other basketball activities.

At Reims, he did it all: first trainer, then General Manager and Vice president.

In addition to his duties with the club he was also the President of the Sports office in Reims and treasurer for the Champagne-Ardenne basketball regional sector.

You can listen to an interview he gave us in November 2007 about his thoughts and struggles for women's basketball in Reims.

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SJS Reims

Date created: 21 February 2010

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