Cathy Melain leaves with the basketball Coupe de France with Bourges Basket
Bourges Basket claim the Cadette Coupe de France
FC Lyon take the Trophée Coupe de France féminine

Céline Dumerc accepting the Joë Jaunay trophy  © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&CastorialBourges Basket have won the basketball Coupe de France for the sixth time in their history, while the cadettes picked up the "Coupe de l’Avenir" for the second time in their history.

FC Lyon BF had their 35th game victory of the season and won the amateur version of the French cup with the Trophée Coupe de France féminine.

You can read match summaries from each of the finals by selecting the links below or by scrolling down the page.

Senior: Bourges Basket 68-63 Tarbes Gespe Bigorre

Cadette U18: Bourges Basket 64-48 Basket Landes

Amateur: Union Lyon Basket Féminin 66-52 Basket Val-de-Loire Union 37

Basketball Coupe de France winners 2009 Bourges Basket © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&Castorial

Bourges Basket defending the basketball Coupe de France

Bourges Basket have won their fourth Joë Jaunay trophy by beating Tarbes (68-63).

The current national format of the French Cup for women only came into place in 1995. Hence the number of victories in the competition is only recorded as four.

However Bourges won the French cup in 1990 and 1991 under another format, that is why we have written this as their sixth title.

Tarbes were hoping to rebound from their recent defeats against Bourges Basket and opened the scoring through Leine Janson with just under a minute played.

Bourges then went into cruise control and scored 5 straight points to start a 10-0 run for their side. François Gomez, the head coach from Tarbes, eventually called for a time-out.

Frida Elebrink shooting for three at Paris Bercy © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&CastorialHis words appeared to have worked as Frida Elebrink and Tanisha Wright were to score for Tarbes. Bourges' response was immediate as they went on an 11-0 run to lead (21-8) by the end of the first period.

Bourges lost their way at the start of the second period and Tarbes slowly started to bring the score down. Isabelle Yacoubou-Déhoui finally scored for Tarbes (15-26) with 17 minutes played.

Her next action was to pick up her third foul on trying to stop Emméline Ndongue, which resulted in her returning to the bench.

Bourges Basket took full advantage to score 8 unanswered points to go into the interval leading (34-15).

Tarbes came out with a spring in their steps at the start of the third period and scored 8 quick points.

Tanisha Wright on the run at Paris Bercy © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&CastorialWright (left)was everywhere for Tarbes but the deficit never fell below 10 points and Tarbes went into the final period with a 12-point lead (44-32).

Nora Bujdoso and Cathy Melain scored to give Bourges a 16-point advantage with eight minutes left to play.

Tarbes then changed tactics and the fireworks started with twice with Janson then Eldebrink and Wright scoring from behind the arc.

Luckily for Bourges Céline Dumerc was also at hand to score twice. Also Nwal-Endéné Miyem connected once as Bourges stayed in front (59-46) with four minutes left to play.

After another Tarbes time-out and tactic change Bourges' lead dropped below 10 points for the first time since the first quarter.

Wright continued to cause problems and with Janson connecting behind the arc once again the deficit was just 5 points with 90 seconds to play (57-62).

Bourges weathered the storm and the game was played out from the free-throw line. Wright and Yacoubou-Déhoui fouled out while Bourges held on to win (68-63).

Wright finished with a game high 27 points. She also had 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists in a losing effort. Dumerc led the scoring for Bourges with 13 points and 5 assists.

Basketball Coupe de France Box Score

Basketball Coupe de France Caddette winners 2009 Bourges Basket © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&Castorial

Bourges Basket winning the Coupe de France Cadettes 2009

Basket Landes' role of underdogs for this competition was removed after they knocked out the defending champions USO Mondeville to qualify for this final.

Bourges Basket's basketball academy is well known in France as they are regulars for national finals.

The final brought together two teams that play completely different styles of basketball.

Bourges Basket is known for recruiting tall players and playing systems that is used to serve the tall players in the paint.

Basket Landes on the other hand play quick basketball and tend to be aggressive. However their biggest problem in this match was that they did not have enough players of the same height or experience of their opponents.

Madou M’Bengue playing basketball at Paris Bercy © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&CastorialDespite Basket Landes' disadvantage the first quarter was evenly matched. Bourges had the upper hand initially with Madou M’Bengue (left) scoring 9 points.

Basket Landes were kept in the game with 7 points from Valériane Ayayi (right) as they trailed (13-17) by the end of the first period.Valériane Ayayi playing basketball at Paris Bercy © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&Castorial

Basket Landes’ speed and determination and aggressive approach allowed them to take the lead (24-20).

Jérôme Authier, the coach of Bourges Basket, had a few words for his girls and changed the tactics which allowed Laury Aulnette and Priscilla Lokala to shine as they started to find their way to the basket.

Basket Landes were not intimidated as Manon Deslous contested the rebounds for her side. All the same Bourges went into the interval leading (28-26).

Kelley Elenga and Bourges went to work during the third period with a 15-4 run which enabled them to go into the final period leading (47-35).

Basket Landes never gave up and in particular Maïssa Radjati who ran her heart out with 7 of her team's 13 points in the final period. But it was not enough to stop the young ladies from Bourges.

The two teams will meet again in the semi-final of the U18 final four.

Basketball Coupe de France Box Score

Trophée Coupe de France féminine Coupe de France winners 2009 FC Lyon © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&Castorial

FC Lyon took the Trophée Coupe de France

The amateur version of the basketball Coupe de France also known as the Trophée Coupe de France went to Union Lyon Basket Féminin after they beat Basket Val-de-Loire Union 37 (66-52).

Lyon, relegated from NF1 last season (2007-2008), have had a perfect season. They won all 26 games during the NF2 regular season and then beat Wasquehal in two games to qualify for the 2009 NF2 final four.

In their 35th match of the season they were only behind once during the game. Dessislava Anguelova opened the game with a trey for Tour. Lyon then scored 11 consecutive points to lead (11-3).

Charlotte Ducos who has already won this competition in 2007 controlled the pace of the game for Lyon who won the first period (18-10).

Julie Legoupil on the way to MVP honours © FF BB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&CastorialTour who had to rely on the strength of Babette M’Bah-Nerrière, managed to stay in contention until Julie Legoupil (left) stepped up her game for Lyon to go into the interval ahead (34-22).

Lyon always seemed to be in control and had a maximum lead of 14 points at one stage going into the final period (46-38) with a comfortable advantage.

The last quarter was intense but Lyon's coach Pierre Bressant continued to turn his bench. With four minutes left to play Lyon had stretched their advanatge (57-42).

In the end Sébastien Nivet, the coach from Tour, who played most of the match with six players introduced some of the young players into the game.

Lyon had no more troubles and held on to win the

Basketball Coupe de France Box Score

How Bourges and Tarbes qualified for the final

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French Cup changes for season 2008-2009

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basketball Coupe de France picture credits:

FFBB/Jean Francois Molliere-Ciamillo&Castorial

Date created: 18 May 2009

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