U20 international youth basketball training roster for 2010

Alain Jardel will start the international youth basketball season for France U20 on 2 June 2010 with a 10-day training camp.

He has called up 22 players this year, of which three players coming from the NCAA.

 Myriam Igoufe © lamarcardinals.comMyriam Igoufe is the least known of the NCAA players due to the fact that she has not played a single match for Lamar University in two years.

In her first year, she missed the start of the season due to NCAA eligibility queries. On the week she was cleared to play, she suffered a knee injury which ended her season.

Igoufe worked hard to get back to fitness and played for France U19 during the World Championships last year. On returning to America, she suffered a pre-season injury that kept her out for the season.

The rest of the players called up are either playing for clubs in the LFB, NF1 and NF2.

Avenir de Rennes which is a club known for youth development has four players in the list.

Normally after the first training camp the number of players to continue the preparation will be reduced.

The second training camp will start on 18 June and end with a four-national international youth basketball tournament in Bourg-en-Bresse.

France will play Bulgaria, Germany and Poland.

France will finish their preparations in Spain and Italy with matches against The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Spain and Turkey before heading for Latvia for the European Championships.

The 22 players are:


First name

Date of Birth


BOUSBAA Linda 29/11/1991 Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomération
CORRE Kelly 09/03/1991 COB Calais
DATCHY Laurie 02/04/1990 ESB Villeneuve d'Ascq
DE COLO Jessie 26/04/1990 Limoges ABC
FOURNIER Leslie 11/09/1990 Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomération
IGOUFE Myriam 17/01/1990 Lamar University
KADILA Bettina 27/10/1990 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
KONATE Aminata 24/10/1990 Basket Landes
MATANGA Leslie 12/11/1990 Dunkerque
MARTINS Elsa 04/04/1990 COB Calais
MEDENOU Maud 05/10/1990 Avenir de Rennes
MICALETTO Mélissa 12/01/1990 SO Armentières
MINTE Kadidia 16/03/1991 Avenir de Rennes
MONTOUT Wilka 20/09/1990 Avenir de Rennes
OKOU ZOUZOUO Margaux 18/02/1991 Pays  d'Aix Basket 13
PLAGNARD Alexia 02/01/1990 Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomération
STRUNC Isabelle 08/03/1991 Pays  d'Aix Basket 13
TCHATCHOUANG Diandra 14/06/1991 University of Maryland
THIZY Pauline 07/02/1990 USO Mondeville
TONY Lauraine 21/11/1990 Avenir de Rennes
VERNEREY Allison 27/02/1991 Duke University
WESTELYNCK Chloé 28/03/1991 Illkirch-Graffenstaden

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Date created: 10 May 2010

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