International Youth Basketball starting in Poinçonnet for France U16

The international youth basketball season for 2010 is about to start for France U16 with the U16 Tournoi International du Poinçonnet.

France won the tournament in 2009 with Bourges Basket player Margaux Galliou taking the MVP award.

Spain won the tournament in 2008 and are the only team from the 2009 addition. Belgium and Poland are the two other teams that will take part.

The tournament takes place during the Easter Holiday from Saturday, 3 April 2010 until Monday, 5 April 2010.

Saturday: Belgium vs. Spain; France vs. Poland
Sunday: Poland vs. Spain; Belgium vs. France
Monday: Belgium vs. Poland; France vs. Spain

 Olivia Epoupa © womensbasketball-in-france.comJérôme Fournier is the head coach of the U16 this year and is assisted by Pierre-Olivier Croizat and former French international Nathalie Lesdema.

18 players have been called up by the French Basketball Federation.

Olivia Epoupa (right) is the only member of the training roster that participated in the U16 European Championship last season. However this is her first participation in Poinçonnet.

Valériane Ayayi and Lidija Turcinovic were also members of the 2009 training roster.

NameSurname Club
ValérianeAYAYIBasket Landes-CFBB
PaulineBETISUSO Mondeville
ImaneBRAHMIBourges Basket
LisaCLOARECUSO Mondeville
ClarinceDJALDI TABDIChecy Jeunesse Sportive
OliviaEPOUPAParis Basket 18 - CFBB
MorganeFRISTOTDunkerque Malo Basket Club - CFBB
AbyGAYEAvenir Sportif d'Orly Basket
AssitanKONEParis Basket 18
AxelleKOUNDOUNOBourges Basket - CFBB
MarièmeNIASSEReims Basket Féminin
AwaSISSOKOUSO Mondeville
MamignanTOUREClermont-Ferrand - CFBB
LidijaTURCINOVICBasket Lattes Montpellier Agglomération - CFBB

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Date created: 12 March 2010

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