International youth basketball: France beat Germany 2-1 in friendly series

The international youth basketball series between France and Germany is an event sponsored every year by the Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse and das Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk (OFAJ).

It was the turn of the German basketball federation to host the event this year.

France use this series to have a look at some of the U15 players as well as checking the form of certain U16 players before making the final selection for the summer's European Championship roster.

Four members from the team that won the youth international basketball tournament in Poinçonnet in April have been included in the squad.

Jérôme Fournier selected the following players:

Lisa Bacconier, Marième Badiane, Fleur Devillers, Clarince Djaldi Tabdi, Morgane Fristot, Aby Gaye, Laëtitia Guapo, Axelle Koundouno,Pauline Lithard, Clémentine Morateur, Marième Niasse and Céline Pfister

The German roster for the international youth basketball series is:

Carla Bellscheidt (New Basket Oberhausen), Levke Brodersen (SC Rist Wedel), Keisha Carthäuser (TSV Grünberg), Pia Dietrich (TV Langen), Elisabeth Dzirma (TG Hanau), Marie Gülich (Rhöndorfer TV), Alina Hartmann (DJK Bamberg), Teresa Kucera (BSG Ludwigsburg), Isabell Meinhart (TSV Grünberg), Mary Ann Mihaly (Basketball4Girls Chemnitz), Katharina Müller (TV Saarlouis), Noémie Rouault (TUS Lichertfelde), Hannah Siegfried (TUS Lichterfelde) and Fanny Szittya (TSV Nördlingen).

International Youth Basketball - series summary

France won the first game (72-54) despite trailing at the end of the first quarter (18-19). Germany hit 8-of-10 from the field during the first 10 minutes.

France has the better of the second quarter and went into the interval leading (36-33) and were not in trouble for the rest of the game.

France: Djaldi Tabdi 14, Badiane 12, Lithard 9, Niasse 8, Devillers 8, Pfister 7, Koundouno 7, Guapo 4, Morateur 3, Bacconier 0, Fristot 0, Gaye 0.

In game two France dominated the first quarter (19-9) and were never in danger of losing the game. However Germany played well during the second quarter not allowing France to run away with the game.

France picked up after the break and won the game (63-44).

Lithard 13, Devillers 11, Badiane 9, Gaye 7, Koundouno 6, Dajaldi Tabdi 6, Pfister 5, Morateur 5, Guapo 1, Niasse 0.

Bacconnier and Fristot did not play.

In the final game France once again dominated the opening quarter (17-11) but were unable to pull away and Germany went into the locker room level (26-26).

Germany went all out during the second half and ran out winners (56-50).

France: Devillers 13, Gaye 8, Lithard 8, Badiane 5, Pfister 5, Koundouno 4, Morateur 3, Niasse 2, Djaldi Tabdi 2, Guapo 0.

Bacconnier and Fristot did not play.

France will continue their preparation with a training camp in Bourges at the end of June.

Germany have already had one training camp and will continue their preparation in Rothenburg also at the end of June.

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Date created: 11 June 2010

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